Submit your idea to Kozminski Idea Market


Become the one to change Kozminski University by presenting your idea! 

All Kozminski University students are invited  to post their ideas and vote for the ideas of others on the Kozminski Idea Market (KIM) platform. It is a great place to share your ideas and get feedback from the academic community. Be the one to initiate breaking changes in your university! 

How to access and use the KIM platform:

  • Go to KU Website and log in with your university data.
  • After logging in, go to the application directory (on the left) and click the Kozminski Idea Market title.
  • You will be able to browse ideas, vote for them and add your own. A ranking of originators will also be created, and the best ideas will be presented at the Rector's College at the end of the academic year. After the acceptance of the ideas, it will be possible to cooperate in implementing your project.
  • Remember to always add two language versions.
  • You have 15 bitleons a month to vote, max 5 can be used for one project - so choose wisely.
  • More info can be found in the regulations  

We hope that you will join the KIM community and contribute not only to the development of ideas and projects in KU, but to self-development and growth as well!

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