Strategic Business and Academic Cooperation - Koźmiński University joins forces with Panattoni


The world's leading industrial real estate developer and the top business school in the Central and Eastern Europe region have entered into a strategic partnership to undertake important projects that will have a positive impact on the future of education and talent development, benefiting society as a whole.

Koźmiński University is an institution that has effectively combined theory and practice in business for the past 30 years. It attracts the best students and researchers in areas such as management, economics, psychology, and law. On the other hand, Panattoni is an undisputed leader in the industrial real estate market, shaping the property market and influencing European economies for over 18 years.

Collaboration with Panattoni represents the largest financial and substantive partnership formed by Koźmiński University with a business entity to date," emphasizes Prof. Dr. Grzegorz Mazurek, Rector of Koźmiński University. "It is a strong relationship built on dialogue, shared values, and mutual trust. We believe that together with such a strong partner as Panattoni, we will transform business education in Poland and showcase an entirely new dimension of collaboration between academia and business, with Panattoni leading the way. We are delighted with the vision of joint business and educational development; it is our shared responsibility."

A strategic partnership represents a unique form of collaboration between an academic institution and the business world. Under the agreement, Panattoni representatives will, among other things, provide advice on study programs and offer material support to the most talented students.

This is a remarkable day as we open a new chapter in the history of the relationship between business and university through our partnership with Koźmiński University," says Robert Dobrzycki, CEO and co-owner of Panattoni Europe in the UK and India. "We will share what is most valuable and typically inaccessible in our daily activities: our market knowledge and practical experience gained from over 18 years in business and our impact on the market. The people at Panattoni are the best practitioners in management, investment, project execution, communication, and sustainable development. We will advise the university through the Program Council to make their offerings even more interesting, practical, and forward-looking, both for students and their employers. Panattoni's partnership also includes tangible material support for the Academy and outstanding students. The word 'development' epitomizes our cooperation. Leon Koźmiński Academy is a modern institution recognized worldwide, which is why we chose to collaborate with them. I believe that joint efforts in business and education, based on values, knowledge exchange, critical and strategic thinking, and creativity, are the best recipe for looking towards the future."

The cooperation between Panattoni and Koźmiński University is long-term in nature. In October 2023, the partners will present another innovative project at the intersection of science and business, in connection with the university's 30th anniversary celebrations.


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