Zmarl Janos Kornai

The renowned economist János Kornai has passed away (1928-2021).


"With the power of his thoughts, the depth of his research analysis, and the precision of his theoretical synthesis, he contributed to the political changes in our part of Europe. He did not go to the barricades and rallies, he did not get involved in politics, but constantly tried to influence the way others think and behave," this is how Prof. Grzegorz Kolodko remembers Kornai, who met him many times in various places around the world, especially in his hometown Budapest.

In 2001, János Kornai was a guest of Kozminski University and his lecture entitled "The Role of the State in a Post-Socialist Economy" was published in the Distinguished Lectures series and is available HERE.

He was a professor at Corvinus University in Budapest and Harvard University in the U.S., known for his critical analysis of the socialist economy and its transformation, as well as his work on comparative economic systems. Several of his books have been published in Polish, including (English translations): "Shortage in the Economy", " The Power of an Idea. Notes from an Intellectual Journey", "Stabilization and Growth in the Transformation Process. The Case of the Hungarian Economy," and co-written with Karen Eggleston, "Solidarity in Transition - Health Care Reform in Eastern Europe" (published in 2002 by KU). His best-known work is 1971's "Anti-Equilibrium.

The thoughts of János Kornai will remain with us as a source of intellectual inspiration and an important contribution to debates about economic systems in the world.

In the picture: Prof. János Kornai (right) with Prof. Grzegorz W. Kolodko