Professor Edward Prescott has passed away


We are saddened to announce the passing of Professor Edward C. Prescott, one of the most prominent contemporary economists, winner of the Nobel Prize in Economics in 2004 (with Finn E. Kydland), an honorary member of the Kozminski University community, including a long-time member of our International Corporate Advisory Board. In 2018, the KU Senate decided to award Professor Prescott a Doctorate Honoris Causa of our University.

Professor Edward C. Prescott was associated with the University of Arizona at Temple, was a valued advisor to the Federal Reserve Bank of the United States, co-founder and active participant in the Society for the Advancement of Economic Theory. His academic work included real business cycle models and monetary policy. Professor Prescott's lecture marked the inauguration of the 2018/2019 academic year at Kozminski University. In it, the professor spoke about the future of Poland and the rapid catching up of our economy with the wealthy Western world.   Professor Prescott passed away on November 6th, 2022, at the age of 81. His thoughts will stay with us forever, as will his portrait in the Senate Room where he was immortalized as Doctor Honoris Causa of Kozminski University.

We extend our deepest sympathies to his family and loved ones.

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