Our University has become the academic partner of the Praga Night Half Marathon/Praga Five event. 


This exceptional sports event brings together running enthusiasts from all over Poland, offering unforgettable experiences and an opportunity to test one's skills. We're starting on September 2nd!

The partnership agreement was signed by the Rector of our University, Prof. Grzegorz Mazurek, and Sławomir Szczęsny, the Director of the Praga Half Marathon, the creator and organizer of this event.

The Praga Half Marathon is a unique race that reveals the magic of one of the most picturesque areas of Warsaw – Praga Południe. The route runs through charming streets, historic sites, and Vistula boulevards, making the race not only a sporting challenge but also an opportunity to explore this part of the city. The flat route has been designed to promote good results and personal best records. This particular timing of the event is not a coincidence – the half marathon is held on a certified course (in the international championship category) and for many participants, it serves as a dress rehearsal for the autumn marathons. The Praga Half Marathon will be accompanied by the Praga Five - a 5 km race.

We hope that the Kozmiński University community will actively participate in this event. It is a wonderful opportunity to combine academic aspirations with a passion for sports and of course -  healthy lifestyle. We encourage you to participate and train together. By running as one, we not only develop our athletic abilities but also build strong bonds and emphasize the importance of health and physical activity in our lives. 

See you at the start of the Praga Half Marathon!  

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