Our graduates are in need of our help!

November 28, 2020 is the day when the lives of two of our graduates turned into a nightmare. A nightmare which the Kozminski University community may partially turn into a hope for a better tomorrow. Kasia and Igor, graduates of Kozminski University are in need of our help. We have shown many times that together we can do anything. This time it will be no different!


Igor is a Finance and Banking graduate, the sixth president of the TIGER Scientific Circle operating under the TIGER Research Center. He was always ready and willing to help, and was actively involved in our academic community. Kasia is a graduate of our Management program.


On November 28, 2020, a bio-fireplace exploded in their new apartment right in front of Igor and his friend. Kasia saved their lives by tearing off their burning clothes, but despite such a quick response, Igor was taken to the hospital in serious condition, with second and third degree burns covering 20% of his entire body. He spent several weeks in the intensive care unit, under a respirator and in a pharmacological induced coma fighting for life. He is now in need of funds for treatment and rehabilitation. Their 7-month old puppy perished in the fire, and the apartment they had been renovating for the past year burned to the ground. This is a great tragedy that they cannot be left alone to face.


We turn to you, the big-hearted community of Kozminski University, to ask for financial support for Kasia and Igor. Every sum, even the smallest one, is of enormous importance in this fight for his health.


Contributions can be made through the Kozminski Foundation's website - - or directly to the Foundation's bank account with the title "Help for Kasia and Igor".


Bank account no. of the Kozminski Foundation: 14 2130 0004 2001 0673 5369 0001

Transfer Title: "Help for Kasia and Igor".


Take care of your health and safety.


Sylwia Hałas-Dej, President of the Kozminski Foundation