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Leothon EcoTechnology for Cities organized by Kozminski Venture Lab in collaboration with Microsoft and GovTech has come and gone!

Congratulations to all the participants of this year's Leothon EcoTechnology for Cities organized by Kozminski Venture Lab in collaboration with Microsoft and GovTech, who faced technology and business challenges in the field of ecology on March 29-30.

This year's participants took on very ambitious and important challenges. Leothon EcoTechnology for Cities is a concept of better water management, waste management and air quality management, as well as increasing efficiency and reducing production costs using new technologies, which is part of the University's innovative development strategy.

The participants solved challenges for three partner cities: Cracow, Konin and Zgierz.

80 people applied to Leothon. Twelve teams qualified and for less than two days, under the watchful eye of 17 mentors, they developed their solutions.

The decision about winners of Leothon powered by Microsoft & Govtech was based on Jury's opinion.

This year's winners of Leothon:

The best solution for the city of Cracow was prepared by the Nature Users team.

The City of Cracow is faced with the problem of inconsistency between the data concerning the actual amount of collected waste and the declarations of inhabitants. As a result, the City of Krakow has suffered losses in the collection, disposal and recycling of municipal waste.

The Nature Users team came up with an idea to confront the current discrepancies with existing databases and make immediate changes. Their innovative idea was to calculate real water consumption to determine the exact number of inhabitants. They want to implement their project using ML and Big-Data.

The best solution for the city of Konin prepared by the JEEP team

The city of Konin is struggling with the problem of keeping proper communication with citizens with whom it can cooperate for the benefit of social education and increase of ecological awareness.

The JEEP team presented GIPP - a citizen participation tool integrated with the mObywatel application and the Gov.pl platform. The main goal is to create effective communication channels between citizens and government officials. This tool will be a multiplatform system containing the following functionalities and benefits for two key groups - citizens of Konin and local government employees.

The best solution for the city of Zgierz prepared by the Hello World Developers team

The city of Zgierz has a problem with the state and quality of the air. The city wants to be able to build a database to report the number of heating devices in a given house.

Hello World Developers team has developed a system concept to collect data from external sources and aggregate new data collected using our semi-automated done-based solution. From this data, we can learn who is contributing to the air pollution problem, why they are doing so, and how we can support those who cannot afford to heat their homes in an environmentally friendly way. The concept will benefit people's health and extend the life expectancy of residents, is cheaper than other solutions that exist in other Polish cities, is based on educating rather than punishing, is well thought out in terms of legislation, is very easily scalable, and uses freely available Microsoft cloud-based software.

The winning teams will receive a contest prize of 10 000 PLN and an additional prize of 20 000 PLN if they implement their project in the partner cities.

The prizes were sponsored by Microsoft and GovTech.

The partners of the event: Microsoft, GovTech, PwC, Kozminski University and Student Council of Kozminski University.

The event complements Aleksandra Przegalińska's study program offered by the university, "Bachelor in Management and Artificial Intelligence".