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Kozminski University together with the National Information Processing Institute will expose fake news!

Key facts:

  • In recent years, the lack of reliability of information published on the Internet has become a growing problem. People are intentionally misled, which affects their decisions.
  • Since the scale of this negative phenomenon is large, there is an ongoing search for an effective way to facilitate the verification of news published online.
  • Researchers from Kozminski University and the National Information Processing Institute signed an agreement to jointly develop intelligent tools for fake news detection and verification of information sources. Such a solution will be the first in Poland and unique on a European scale.
  • The agreement also aims to build joint scientific and research capital and develop innovation capacity at the highest level,

Technological progress and innovation

Kozminski University and the National Information Processing Institute signed this agreement to support technological progress, innovation and research development of both entities. The initiative includes, among others, the exchange of knowledge, joint scientific publications, student internships, doctoral research, and most importantly the development and implementation of innovative research projects.

Signing the agreement between Kozminski University and the National Information Processing Institute is an opportunity for cooperation to strengthen the infrastructure for innovation in Poland. Students of the Bachelor in Management & Artificial Intelligence program will have the opportunity to implement projects in the area of business intelligence, machine learning and data engineering at a leading research institution in Poland - said Prof. Aleksandra Przegalińska-Skierkowska, Vice Rector for International Relations and ESR, Leader of the Bachelor in Management & Artificial Intelligence program.


Ośrodek Przetwarzania Informacji – Państwowy Instytut Badawczy także odniesie wiele korzyści z nawiązanej współpracy.

Development of science requires cooperation that brings benefits to all partners. Thanks to the agreement signed with Kozminski University in Warsaw, we can implement research projects that will be applied primarily in business. This university enjoys a high reputation and recognition. Its graduates easily find their way in the job market, which is proved by the data included in the National System for Monitoring the Economic Fate of Higher Education Institution Graduates (ELA), which is administered by the National Information Processing Institute. Combining the know-how of our entities will certainly contribute to the development of innovative technological solutions, which will effectively support not only Polish companies - says Jarosław Protasiewicz, PhD, director of the National Intormation Processing Institute.

Joint fight against fake news

One of the first research projects prepared jointly by KU and the National Information Processing Institute is the development of intelligent tools for fake news detection and verification of information sources. The application for its funding has already been submitted within the INFOSTRATEG competition announced by the National Centre for Research and Development. This innovative project assumes building a learning set and a database of facts, covering above all the fields which are most affected by fake news. These are mainly health care, politics, finance and economy. These databases will make it possible not only to carry out a stylistic analysis of the news, but also to carry out a factual verification of the news and an analysis of the credibility of its source. The data obtained in this way will be used to create a special algorithm. It will enable classification of information from various models based on machine learning. Such a solution will make it possible to automatically verify fake news published on the Internet in Polish.

Innovation on a European scale

The expected results of the research project will be an innovation on at least a European scale. They will make it possible to implement the first tool in Poland that allows for comprehensive and fully automated detection of fake news. This solution can bring enormous socio-economic benefits by reducing the impact of the negative effects of false information on society, investment processes and the activities of institutions guarding network security.