Kozminski University has been recognized as one of the top business schools for postgraduate studies and corporate development programs in the world, according to the Financial Times Executive Education 2023 rankings


The Financial Times has released this year's rankings of the top business schools that offer open and closed development programs. Kozminski University is included in both rankings, representing world-class development programs for business and individual clients.

In the rankings published by the Financial Times today (Custom Executive Education and Open-enrolment Executive Education), Kozminski University is ranked alongside prominent universities from the US, UK, Netherlands, and France. Additionally, the university is listed in the Top 50 business universities in the world, highlighting its role as a partner in individual and corporate development.

For Kozminski University, being featured in all the Financial Times rankings released today is a strong testament to the increasing significance of its collaboration with the business sector and reaffirms the strategic direction chosen by the university.

The Financial Times Custom Executive Education ranking is a great indication for those responsible for the development of employees and leaders in organizations, while Open Executive Education should serve all those looking for modern, world-class postgraduate studies – emphasizes Sylwia Halas-Dej, PhD, Dean of the Kozminski Executive Business School.

Financial Times Custom Executive Education Ranking 2023

Kozminski University made its debut in the ranking of business schools that offer tailor-made development programs for companies. The evaluation and analysis focused on closed training courses for businesses. The high quality of these programs was evidenced, among other factors, by the positive feedback from participants.

Ergo HESTIA is one of the companies that recognized the value of Kozminski University's development programs. Małgorzata Szabinska, HR Director of the ERGO Hestia Group, emphasizes the reasons behind their choice:

We selected Kozminski University because we sought expertise combined with scientific knowledge, the latest research, and a practical approach. The university's highest quality is demonstrated by satisfaction surveys conducted among our employees and managers, as well as the application of knowledge gained into real business actions. Kozminski University is not merely a solution provider; it is an actual partner in our development.

Financial Times Open-enrolment Executive Education Ranking 2023

The second ranking published today, in which Kozminski University achieved a high position, includes business schools offering open development programs, such as postgraduate studies. In this ranking, the university improved its position, moving up 8 spots compared to last year.

Anna Kieszkowska-Grudny, PhD, the creator of one of the postgraduate courses and the substantive director of the women's leadership program, emphasizes that studies at Kozminski University are always focused on development and unlocking potential:

The Women's Leadership Academy, known as LeaderShe, established at Kozminski University, has become a platform for accelerating the potential of entrepreneurial women and is the prime example of the unique programs we offer.

Financial Times Executive Education 2023 – Top 50 Business Schools

For individuals, employees, or organizational leaders seeking development programs, the Financial Times Executive Education rankings released today provide insight into the world's top business schools worth considering.

Kozminski University represents Poland and the CEE region, placing it among the 50 best partners for individual and corporate development at the highest level. The university is listed alongside prestigious institutions from the US, UK, Netherlands, France, and other countries.


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Financial Times Custom Executive Education 2023 Ranking: https://rankings.ft.com/rankings/2945/executive-education-custom-2023

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