Kozminski University has been qualified in the Positive Impact Rating as the only university from Poland. Putting the common good before all else.

Students of Kozminski University recognize the university's commitment to sustainable development and its care for the environment. As a result of their assessment, Kozminski University was placed among the leaders of positive change and together with 46 universities from all over the world was included in the Positive Impact Rating (PIR).

Business schools are evaluated to what extent they meet the requirements of the Sustainable Development Goals, how they affect their environment, not only by teaching, but also by implementing good practices in seven areas: management, participation in culture, quality of education programs, didactics, student support, and whether universities are socially engaged and if they are role models to be followed. Thus, PIR introduces a new standard of education in business schools around the world.

– It is time for a deeper reflection on a sustainable natural, social and economic future of the world. And what this world will be like depends on future leaders, our students of today - says Prof. Grzegorz Mazurek, Rector of Kozminski University. – The implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals developed by the Global Compact, a UN agency, determines our development as a university. We will not get involved in projects that contribute to the devastation of our planet, but we support and will support everything that serves it.

The greater the problems in the socio-economic environment of the university, the more important role it has to play as an initiator of positive change. That is why this year as many as three universities from India were placed in the highest category of PIR Pioneers. In the category of "Transforming Schools" 24 universities were included, among which was Kozminski University, alongside, among others, Aalto, EADA, Grenoble. In the "Progressing Schools" category 18 business schools were placed..

PIR is not a ranking, but a rating based on business school students' assessments. This year - with a similar number of schools in the PIR - there were three times as many respondents as before, which proves the growing interest of students in the role of business schools in society. In doing so, PIR aims to highlight the ethical, humanistic, and environmental dimensions of business education. In this year's edition, students suggested that universities should be entirely part of a closed-loop economy, produce no waste, care about healthy food, apply transparent rules for hiring competent people, and care about the local community. Students want the context of sustainable development to be introduced into all curricula. At Kozminski University we have already implemented most of these recommendations.

– Kozminski University has made many efforts to implement the UN Sustainable Development Goals, including establishing our Sustainable Development Strategy and translating it into various ESR-oriented activities to which we have committed ourselves. The PIR is a great tool to monitor this journey towards a full sustainable transformation and we feel honored that the PIR has recognized our efforts and overall progress in this area," – comments Prof. Aleksandra Przegalińska, Vice-Rector for International Releations and ESR.

PIR is a tool for a new generation of changemakers and a response to the widespread demand, especially from young people, for business schools to have a positive impact on the modern world.

Link to the report: PIR Report 2021

More information: https://www.positiveimpactrating.org/