Kozminski University is the best business school in Central & Eastern Europe accoding to the Financial Times! It is also the only university from Poland, which has made it to the final cut of the European Business School Ranking!

This year's "Financial Times" ranking of the best European business schools brings a reason to be proud of Polish higher education. Poland is represented by Kozminski University which has been placed 45th and has advanced by three positions in comparison to last year. Kozminski is the only Polish university listed in this ranking, and at the same time the best among universities in Central and Eastern Europe.

The ranking includes a total of 90 business schools, whose diploma is a gateway to a successful career. The three best universities on the list are HEC Paris, London Business School and Insead. They have been on the podium for years, which encourages students from all over the world to study in Paris or London. Graduates who completed their MBA studies at HEC Paris three years ago earn an average of 133 percent more than before they started their studies. After obtaining an Executive MBA or Master's degree in Management, the salaries of HEC Paris graduates increased by 80 percent. By comparison, graduates of the Master's degree in Management at KU have recorded a 112 percent increase in earnings after 3 years of professional experience.

The oldest business university in Europe, ESCP Business School, which has a strategic alliance with Kozminski University and also implements its educational program at KU in Warsaw, was ranked 8th among the best business schools.

- Despite the strong competition, we have strengthened our position as a leader of managerial education in the Central and Eastern European region, and thanks to the joint programs with ESCP Business School we have also marked our presence in Western Europe, whose universities strongly dominate in the "FT" ranking. The advancement by three places in comparison to the previous year is mainly thanks to the graduates of the Master's degree in Management. In the career compilation of all the graduates of European business schools, they achieved excellent results, taking fourth place in the category of "career development". I would especially like to congratulate them on their achievements so far and wish them further successes - said Prof. Grzegorz Mazurek, Rector of Kozminski University.

The ranking of business schools published by "Financial Times" is one of the most closely observed by the academic community and candidates for studies due to the prestige of the magazine and trust in its methodology. It is based on the results of five separate, previously published rankings: full-time MBA studies, part-time Executive MBA studies, full-time Master's degree in management and two executive education programs. Each of the rankings is created on the basis of FT's own analyses and questionnaires sent by the editorial staff to people who graduated from the institutions three years earlier. In the case of Kozminski University with a high 45th position in this year's ranking (advancement by three places compared to the previous year) the results of two rankings were decisive: EMBA, in which the university was ranked 36th in Europe, and Master's degree in Management, which was placed 31st in Europe. The FT also takes into account the internationalization of the evaluated faculties, the academic titles of the lecturers and even the proportion of women and men in the faculty. The ranking may include universities with at least one of the international accreditations awarded to business schools in recognition of their academic and research achievements. KU has the three most important business education accreditations - EQUIS, AACSB and AMBA. - This year has been extremely difficult due to the pandemic. Europe is experiencing one of the biggest social and economic crises. Many people have lost their jobs, whole sectors of economy are deprived of income. The "FT" ranking shows that even under such difficult circumstances graduates of the best universities are able to cope. Business schools operate and despite the sanitary restrictions imposed, they educate remotely, continue research, organize scientific conferences and social events for students. This year we have had a successful recruitment, we have admitted over 2 thousand new students, of which every fifth is a foreigner. The best business schools have fully adapted to the new COVID reality thanks to digital transformation - remarks the rector of KU.

Universities from Central and Eastern Europe are more and more successfully breaking through in the "FT" rankings, however, this year's list of the best European business schools includes only four of them. Apart from Kozminski University these are: University of Economics in Prague (50th place), St. Petersburg University (51st place) and Moscow-based IBS (58th place).

Link to the full Financial Times's European Business Schools Ranking 2020