inauguracja 2021

Inauguration of the new 2021/2022 academic year

9 thousand students of Kozminski University started the new academic year, including 2500 beginning their studies on the master's or bachelor's level. We have inaugurated the 28th year of our operation. During this time over 60 thousand graduates have successfully completed their studies. The University has promoted over 300 doctors and post-doctoral fellows and 7 full professors.

In his inaugural speech, Professor Grzegorz Mazurek, the Rector, addressed a special welcome to students commencing their studies at our University. He also spoke about the challenges that the university faces and which it has to face in the context of educating students: 

(…) We need to teach you how to learn, and we need to teach you how to unlearn things, we need to teach you how to look for answers rather than what the answer looks like, we need to teach you how to doubt, question, and look critically at the information given to you. We must convince you that learning is a lifestyle.

Secondly, we must give you an education that gives you the freedom of choice in life. That is why we put such a strong emphasis on the practicality of our studies, on involving business and institutional partners, on showing you our research, on internationalization (...)

The inaugural lecture "Ephemerals: Organizational resilience of Polish long-lived companies" was delivered by Prof. Tomasz Olejniczak from the KU Department of Management.

During the event, two university graduates received the " Kozminski's Lion 2021" award for outstanding professional achievements. The awarded graduates are Bartłomiej Skrzydlewski, President and Managing Director of Amplus, a family-owned company specializing in the production and supply of fruit and vegetables, employing over 600 people, and Paweł Średniawa, President of ONDE SA, a company building wind and photovoltaic farms.

The ceremony was held in a stationary form with sanitary restrictions related to the coronavirus, but it was also broadcast live on the university's YouTube channel. Link to the broadcast HERE.

We would like to thank all the Students and our distinguished Guests for attending the ceremony.