The I edition of the Kozminski University Mentoring Program has just been launched

The main and primary purpose of the Program is to support talented students of our University in planning and implementing the chosen career path, deriving from the knowledge and experience of KU graduates.

It is an exclusive program addressed to students of the final years of undergraduate and graduate studies. It assumes the annual cooperation of Mentors - KU graduates with Mentee - KU students,  selected in the recruitment process.  It will involve at least a dozen Mentors offering support in the following areas: management, finance, consulting, law, marketing, digital marketing, e-commerce, compliance, AML, banking, and project management.

About 30 KU students selected in the recruitment process will participate in the first edition.

The project is coordinated by the Career Development and Alumni Relations Office.

Student recruitment will start in September 2021.

I would like to participate in the KU Mentoring Program, because I would like to contribute something from myself. I was lucky to meet several mentors who had a great impact on where I am now and did not expect anything in return - said Mariusz Wnuk, a graduate of the elite Law and Finance Studies at KU, currently Senior Market Analysis Coordinator at Dentons law firm. - I know how important it is to consult your vision for your professional future with someone who has been through a similar journey and I would like to do the same. I would be happy to discuss career plans and possible career paths, recommend books, studies, training, help to prepare for an interview (e.g. by giving excel training), and introduce you to the right people when possible and appropriate. I hope that my broad education (in law, finance and MBA) and professional experience (in tax consulting and currently in market data analysis for Dentons lawyers) will be an interesting combination to confront mentees' plans with market reality. I invite you to work with me!