Prof. Łukasz Gruszczyński has been appointed EU arbitrator.
23 of June, the European Commission published the pool of almost 400 individuals eligible for appointment as arbitrators for trade and sustainable development (TSD) experts in bilateral disputes under trade agreements with third countries. We are proude to announce, that our...
Perspektywy National Ranking 2022
The latest ranking of Polish higher education institutions announced on June 22nd confirms Kozminski University's top position among economic universities in Poland. Kozminski wins for the 23rd time in a row, i.e. since the beginning of the “Perspektywy” national ranking.
We settle the hives of Kozminski University!
Our University has joined the initiative to support the growth of the bee population. There are already 5 hives on the roof of the academy, which have just been populated! The first harvest is still planned for this summer.