santander scholarships

The best and most entrepreneurial female students of Kozminski University have received Santander Universidades awards granted in cooperation with Kozminski Foundation

Five female students who have demonstrated the best academic performance and the most entrepreneurial attitude have received the Santander Universidades Award. The funds are to support the winners in their personal and professional development. The award ceremony was held during a meeting with the winners on January 17th, 2022.

The list of laureates:

  • Zuzanna Goleń, management student
  • Aleksandra Knap, law student
  • Wenshi Liu, finance and accounting student
  • Zuzanna Nowak, law student
  • Agata Ordon, law student

Upon receiving the award, laureate Agata Ordon commented on the scholarship program:

My plan for professional and personal development is primarily related to the fight for a better future, namely in the area of sustainable development and related fields. In this area, there is a strong focus on education, and thanks to the scholarship, I will have the financial capacity to apply for trainings, workshops or courses without any problems. The Santander Scholarship is an award that gives you an edge in the job market. Many times when recruiting for a job, the attention is drawn to the awards, which enables you to present your initiatives and conduct the interview effectively.

Bartosz Urban, manager of the Santander Universidades office at Kozminski University said:

I sincerely congratulate the laureates on their impressive achievements and I am glad that as a bank we can appreciate their efforts. It is very important to support young people in their education and give them the wind in their wings. The ability to keep learning is a key competence in the job market, which is why I also encourage you to take part in other Santander scholarships, available at”.

Sylwia Hałas-Dej, Ph.D., President of Kozminski Foundation and Dean of Kozminski Executive Business School

The joint presentation of scholarships to the most talented youth of KU shows the importance of the cooperation of the Foundation and the university with Santander Universidades. This is not the first initiative we have carried out together for the benefit of talented students. Each time, we emphasize the importance of building long-term relationships with the business environment - thanks to them we have the opportunity to permanently build the future of young people, who are at the threshold of their careers..

This is not the only initiative of this type in cooperation with Santander Bank Polska. Similar scholarship programs have already taken place in previous years. There is still a call for Santander Award Tuition for the first-year students of KU.