Intensive English course preparing for the Pearson exam Level 3  

About the program


  • Classes: Monday – Friday 9.00 a.m. – 2.00 p.m (one some days 3 p.m.)
  • Time: 12th - 30th September 2016
  • Admission deadline:  5th September 2016
  • Price: 990 PLN for 90 teaching hours (one teaching hour =45 minutes)
  • The approximate cost of the PTE exam is 700 PLN
    (the final price will depend on the exchange rate of GBP)


Katarzyna Szczepańska MA

She has extensive experience in teaching business English, legal English and general English. She has worked for Koźmiński University as a language trainer since 2005. She is also an examiner for LCCI.

She has also run in –company language trainings and has been cooperating with language schools as an ELT (English Language Teaching) consultant.

Intensive English course preparing for the Pearson exam Level 3 

The course is for part-time and full-time students who are interested in developing their language skills at B2 level and obtaining a Pearson Level 3 certificate.
The course will be organized in September and will last three weeks. It will be held from Monday until Friday for 6 to 7 teaching hours daily (to a total sum of 90 teaching hours).

Each day classes will be divided into three blocks: grammar, speaking and writing.  The proportions of the blocks will be flexible and will depend on the level of the students. For example, in the first three days of the course more time can be devoted to the speaking block, so as to adjust the competencies of grammar and vocabulary to the group.

Materials wll be developed specifically for the course and distributed to its participants during classes. The choice of teaching materials will help the students to interact during classes. Their main aim is to prepare students to take B2 Pearson exam (Level 3) .


  • Diagnosis of individual areas that need improvement with regard to language skills
  • Improvement of the two most difficult skills to master when learning a language: speaking and writing
  • Very intensive “immersion in the language”
  • Preparation for the Pearson Level 2 certificate (level B2)


    The course is offered to full-time and part-time students who wish to achieve B2 language competence.


    Subjects and schedule


    Lexical component

    • Improve and consolidate lexical competence at B2 level
    • Learning and practicing phrases and expressions that are most frequently used

    Grammar component

    • Revision of grammar at B2 level consisting of the use of tenses, conditional sentences, regular sentence structure, reported speech, use the modal verbs, the use of conjunctions, creating questions and negatives, word order, irregular plural, the use of simple and complex prepositions, adverbs and adjective use.

    Speaking component

    • Answering questions
    • Summarizing texts
    • Group discussions
    • Presentations of students opinions on given topics
    • Reporting on past events
    • Describing plans for the future
    • Paraphrasing texts
    • Role-playing situations
    • Asking questions to gain information, providing information
    • Product presentation and comparing products
    • Describing visuals
    • Mini-presentations

    Writing component

    • Reviews
    • Essays
    • Letters
    • Emails
    • Filling the gaps
    • Responses to open-ended questions
    • Completing texts

    Pearson exam Level 3 at B2 level will be held in December at Kozminski University.

    Total teaching hours: 90
    (1 teaching hour = 45 minutes)

    Number of students in the group: 25  




    To participate you will need to complete the registration form and to make money transfer of 990  PLN to the account of Kozminski University.

    71124010241111000002685850  with the words: "Intensive course of English".

    *Please note that the course will not start if the number of candidates is too small.

    Admission on-line



    To participate you will need to complete the registration form and to make money transfer of PLN 990 to the account of Kozminski University.

    Monet transfer to the account of Kozminski University with PEKAO
    Account number: 71 1240 1024 1111 0000 0268 5850 z with the words "Intensive English course preparing for the Pearson Level 3 exam ".

    Monika Dziwniel