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Ewelina Raźnik

Bachelor Program in Finance and Accounting 

Learning objectives for the Bachelor Program in Finance and Accounting have been formulated on the basis of corresponding EQUAL recommendations for this Program. They were based on the intention to integrate theories, empirical research and economic practice which has been reflected in the Program structure, both in its earlier version offered under the name of Finance and Banking as well as, to even greater extent, in the present version. The Program comprises theoretical and practical classes run at the University as well as students apprenticeships offered by various enterprises outside the University, all of which deal with accounting and financial matters.

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Master Program in Finance and Accounting 

Finance and Accounting teaching is based on provisions addressed to this course by EQUAL. The construction of the program is subject to the intent of integration of theory, empirical research and practical experience. Graduate studies last four semesters and the number of class hours within the program is higher than minimums for this course determined in Education Standards in Finance and Accounting. The program comprises: basic, major courses, courses toward major, specialization courses and others.

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