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About the program
Program objectives

The pandemic has taught us how important the online environment in business is. The virtual space hosts a huge part of the business life: it is where consumers make their purchasing decisions and where we must present our offer in the best possible way and attract customers.  

The main objective of the “Performance marketing on the Internet” program is to provide detailed and up-to-date knowledge and competences on paid online advertising activities. Detailed, practical, effective, under the supervision of outstanding practitioners and e-marketing experts.   

This curriculum is an extension of the Internet Marketing postgraduate studies carried out at the University in the traditional form. The “Performance marketing on the Internet” program is focused on the strategic management of paid advertising activities on the web and the operational management of the campaign.  

In addition to providing the latest practical knowledge on paid activities, many classes are carried out as workshops (cooperation within online groups, working with online tools) and students are given the opportunity of having individual consultations with selected lecturers-experts.

Why to choose us?

practical, interactive teaching classes available entirely online


over 50% of classes are conducted in the form of computer workshops or online laboratories. 


In order to discuss individual business problems, each student can schedule an online meeting with a selected lecturer who will support them with their knowledge and practical experience. 


The lecturers are recognized experts with proven experience in e-marketing and e-business – excellent practitioners representing well-known brands from the interactive industry, consultants, lecturers with extensive business experience in the field of performance marketing. 


Selected classes are conducted by representatives of the following companies and organizations:, Kancelaria Traple, Konarski, Podrecki, GoldenSubmarine, Interprima, Mastermind Media, DigiTalk, LTTM, Centraals, Teads, Mexad Poland, AdColony, Publicis Media, Optimise Media, Sales Algorithm, Fantasy Expo and Scoop. 


Classes are conducted fully remotely, on the Internet, which gives students significant financial and time savings, as well as great freedom in choosing a place from which to participate in classes. As a student, you also have access to the entire virtual offer of the Kozminski University, i.e. free access to the “Financial Times” journal, FT business reports, the LinkedinLearning e-learning platform or many specialized databases, such as EBSCO, Emerald, or ProQuest. 


Each student receives a best-selling e-marketing textbook: E-marketing. Planning – tools – didactics, prepared by 22 authors-experts, including lecturers from the postgraduate program “Performance Marketing on the Internet”. 


It eliminates the need for time-consuming commuting and expensive accommodation in Warsaw once or twice a month, while offering excellent networking opportunities thanks to many activities carried out in working groups and team-building activities. 

Program partner

Did you know that each student of this program receives free access to the world’s largest e-learning platform “Linkedin Learning” and to the “Financial Times” e-newspaper and knowledge platform? 

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Target audience

The program is targeted at: 

  • managers and directors of marketing and performance departments who intend to use the Internet’s potential to increase sales or support business processes related to paid advertising 
  • entrepreneurs who want to build their company’s potential based on paid online advertising    
  • e-marketing managers searching for inspiration for new ideas to use the Internet in their operations 
  • marketing and e-commerce specialists who are planning to use or are already using the Internet e.g. to promote their business   
  • graduates of postgraduate programs Online Marketing and Electronic Commerce who want to refresh the knowledge gained and extend it to include paid online advertising and analysis of their effectiveness 

Due to the growing importance of the Internet and universal knowledge transferred during the program, the acquired skills will also be useful in further professional career, regardless of the sector which the students are currently employed in. 

Course Catalog
Leader of the program
Jarosław Sokołowski

Dear All
the present times prove more than ever that the Internet is an increasingly important element of the advertising and commercial strategies of any business. Both global corporations and small local companies turn more and more often with hope to the online world, viewing it as a new channel to promote and sell their products and services. The knowledge that enables us to make good use of the opportunities that the Internet offers is becoming crucial - or even obligatory - for every company and every person managing an entire business or a sales or marketing department.
For many years now Kozminski University has been educating dozens of specialists, offering them an opportunity to pursue such postgraduate programs as Internet Marketing (over 30 editions completed) and E-Commerce (over 10 editions completed). To respond to the demand for specialists and managers, we’ve launched highly-specialized postgraduate programs such as Business Digital Transformation or Salesforce CRM and Marketing Automation. Another postgraduate program we are delighted to launch is Performance Marketing on the Internet. It covers a very interesting sphere of knowledge, much in demand among both applicants and employees as reported by employers.  
Performance Marketing on the Internet is a one-year postgraduate program designed by practitioners with practitioners in mind. The aim of Kozminski University also in this case is to provide its course participants with practical knowledge and skills they will find both useful and easy to apply in their everyday professional practice. Performance Marketing on the Internet is also one of our first programs delivered fully online. The main factor that motivated us to create such a program was to make the access to practical knowledge much easier. Rich in experience gained through thousands of hours of classes taught remotely, we can now offer a new approach to distance education. The word ‘distance’ needs to be highlighted in particular here. On the one hand, our instructors are expert in shortening this distance, able to stimulate and engage groups participating in their classes online. During classes, we hold numerous workshops in smaller groups, present the results of workshop projects in an open forum, and engage in interactive discussions concerning issues that may our course participants may find interesting. Distance education at Kozminski University has nothing to do with the standard webinar format as we know it. Here, distance doesn’t matter. Like in the case of on-premises classes, course participants may switch on their microphone and camera any time to speak, ask a question, or share their experiences.
On the other hand, the distance which has so far been a certain barrier to access to knowledge is now becoming irrelevant. There’s no need to leave home for an entire weekend, look for accommodation near the university. Course participants are now able to attend classes sitting comfortably in their own chairs at home. This makes the knowledge we share with our course participants more accessible.
Performance Marketing on the Internet is a chance for those who have considered the content of Internet Marketing to be too general to gain more expert knowledge. It’s something for e-marketers whose everyday routine at work involves handling performance projects, acquiring leads, promoting sales on the Internet.
The classes focus on international examples, our experienced instructors discuss practical cases, known to them from their own experience gained working for global enterprises. With the participants of the Performance Marketing on the Internet postgraduate program in mind, we have assembled a select team of experts to make studies taught at a Polish higher education institution abundant in universal examples which go much beyond the area of Poland or the European Union in their practical aspects.  We address the nuances and the specific nature of the differences in the legal frameworks adopted in different countries, which bring about certain threats and opportunities for e-marketers.
I would like to encourage you to take up the challenge and spend an inspiring year - full of practical experience - with us.
Jarosław Sokołowski
Performance Marketing on the Internet program coordinator


Framework curriculum

The total number of teaching hours: 180* 

(including team-building activities, individual consultations, and assessment)  

*(one teaching hour = 45 minutes)

Team-building activities 

Management of performance advertising campaigns  

  • Promotion management in the new economy 
  • Online consumer behaviour 
  • Customer-agency cooperation in digital marketing 
  • Communication customization in e-promotion 
  • Programmatic Advertising 
  • Marketing automation and email marketing 
  • Use of affiliation in performance marketing 
  • Mobile Advertising 
  • Legal aspects of e-marketing activities 
  • E-media planning 
  • Measurement of e-advertising campaigns 
  • Does eSport sell? 
  • Building an effective e-sales strategy – algorithmic method 

Role of a website in performance advertising 

  • Websites 
  • Google optimization

Google Advertising and Analytics 

  • Google Ads advertising 
  • Web analytics  

Potential of social media in online advertising  

  • Video marketing  
  • Advertising campaigns using FB 
  • Content marketing 
  • Advertising on LinkedIn  
  • Advertising on other new social media (including TikTok)  

Individual consultations and final project 

  • Individual consultations 
  • Preparation of the final project 
Organization of classes

The program covers two semesters.  

Classes are held once or twice a month:  

  • Saturday: 8.45 - 15.45* 
  • Sunday: 8.45 - 15.45* 

* in exceptional cases, classes may finish at 17.30; the term schedule is provided in advance. 

Classes are conducted fully remotely, on the Internet, which gives great freedom in choosing a place from which to participate in lectures and workshops. The program covers two semesters. In order to participate in classes, students need to have their own laptops. The university provides an educational platform based on the Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams environment

Leading lecturers
Jarosław Sokołowski

Koordynator merytoryczny studiów Marketing Internetowy. Wykładowca Akademii Leona Koźmińskiego, Prezes Zarządu PushAd Marketing Automation oraz Chief Technology Officer w Grupie Adnext. Wcześniej pracował jako Head of Marketing Automation and Lead Management w T-Mobile Polska S.A. oraz Head of Marketing & e-Commerce w Neckermann Polska Biuro Podróży Sp. z o.o. Swoją karierę zawodową zaczynał w Polskich Liniach Lotniczych LOT, gdzie był odpowiedzialny za reklamę i sprzedaż internetową, a następnie uczestniczył w projekcie tworzenia pierwszej polskiej niskokosztowej linii lotniczej AirPolonia. Od ponad 20 lat związany z reklamą tradycyjną i internetową. W okresie od lutego 2009 do marca 2012 posiadał jeden z ośmiu wydanych w Polsce certyfikatów Google AdWords Certified Trainer uprawniających do prowadzenia szkoleń w zakresie reklamy w Google Ads. Posiada tytuł Kwalifikowanego Specjalisty Google Ads oraz Google Analytics. Współprowadzi zajęcia z: Google Ads, analityki webowej, roli danych w e-marketingu. 

Mateusz Wojczal

Full-stack web developer with 16 years of experience. Starting as an ActionScript developer, both has experience with PHP and JavaScript, building websites and applications. Since 2011, has been leading software house Qunabu Interactive later merged with Escola where he holds CTO position. Communicate effectively and work well in teams from around the world. React, Laravel and SilverStripe expert. Devops amateur.  

Xawery Konarski

Adwokat, Senior Partner (Traple Konarski Podrecki i Wspólnicy)
Ekspert prawny z ponad 20-letnim doświadczeniem w nowych technologiach. Starszy partner i współzałożyciel kancelarii Traple Konarski Podrecki i Wspólnicy. W Kancelarii nadzoruje prace zespołów Technologie Media Telekomunikacji (TMT), koordynując projekty realizowane w Polsce i w państwach Europy Środkowo-Wschodniej.

Wiceprezes zarządu Polskiej Izby Informatyki i Telekomunikacji (PIIT). Prezes Stowarzyszenia Prawa Nowych Technologii (SPNT). Jest doradcą prawnym Związku Pracodawców Branży Internetowej IAB Polska oraz Polskiej Izby Ubezpieczeń (PIU).
Jako ekspert prawny brał udział w pracach legislacyjnych nad szeregiem ustaw z zakresu prawa nowych technologii. Jest arbitrem Sądu Polubownego ds. domen internetowych przy PIIT.

Jest członkiem organizacji: IAPP, INPLP, ITechLaw oraz SABI-IOD.
Na przestrzeni ostatnich 15  lat wielokrotnie rekomendowany w polskich i zagranicznych rankingach prawników specjalizujących się w TMT i ochronie danych osobowych ( Chambers Europe, Legal 500, Rzeczpospolita).

Autor kilkudziesięciu pozycji naukowych z zakresu prawa nowych technologii i ochrony danych osobowych.
Wykładowca na studiach podyplomowych z zakresu prawa nowych technologii i ochrony danych osobowych.


Marta Ulman
Marta Ulman

Strategy Planner w GoldenSubmarine odpowiedzialna za przygotowywanie strategii komunikacji digital oraz zintegrowanej dla obecnych i potencjalnych klientów agencji. Ma niemal 10-letnie doświadczenie w branży, które zdobywała w agencjach digital i PR. W tym czasie pracowała dla największych polskich i międzynarodowych marek, takich jak McDonald’s, Wedel, Tatra, WizzAir, Nestle, Ikea, Zott, Gatta czy ING, projektując i wdrażając dla nich strategie komunikacji. Autorka artykułów branżowych, prowadzi szkolenia i warsztaty. Obserwuje ludzi i szuka insightów. Prowadzi zajęcia z przedmiotu „Usługi interaktywne”

Jolanta Tkaczyk

PhD in economics in the field of management, Assistant Professor in the Marketing Department at the Kozminski University, Head of the Master's studies Brand Management and Marketing Strategies and postgraduate studies Marketing Management. Trainer and specialist in conducting training in the field of marketing, market analysis, advertising, sales techniques, customer service, brand management and consumer behavior. Author of over 60 articles, studies and monographs published in renowned journals and scientific publications, the creator of online educational websites on marketing (; ). Member of the Polish Scientific Marketing Society, ACR (Association for Consumer Research), EMAC (European Marketing Academy) and AAA (American Advertising Association). Privately, an admirer of science fiction literature and movies that are so bad they are good.

Szymon Mazurek
dr Szymon Mazurek​

Przedsiębiorca z dwudziestoletnim doświadczeniem w zakresie tworzenia stron internetowych, SEO oraz reklamy w Internecie. Współwłaściciel wrocławskiej agencji reklamy internetowej interprima.​

Wykładowca akademicki zajmujący się tematyką sieciowych modeli biznesowych oraz marketingu internetowego. Na co dzień przekazuje wiedzę studentom Uniwersytetu Ekonomicznego we Wrocławiu. Gościnnie wykładał na Seikei University w Tokio, Takasaki City University of Economics oraz Budapest Business School.

Leszek Chudek

Head of Automated Ad Buying at Mastermind Media, AdNext Group. Certified Google Ads and Google Analytics specialist. He has been associated with the industry since 2014. He took his first steps in Google outsourcing, and then in Cube Group. In 2015, he was one of the first in Poland to receive the Bing Ads certificate. Since 2016, he has been planning and implementing Google, Facebook and Programmatic campaigns in AdNext Group. 

Has experience in campaigns from the commercial and public sectors. He is passionate about e-commerce campaigns. Its portfolio includes such clients as: LOT, Media Markt, iSpot, Kazar, Neckermann, Dom Development, Super-Pharm, the Ministry of National Education and the Ministry of Health. 

Dagmara Plata-Alf

Pasjonatka marketingu i nowych technologii. Dyrektor Zarządzający i właścicielka w firmie Hotel Media Group. Pracownik naukowy Akademii Leona Koźmińskiego w Warszawie w Katedrze Marketingu. 
Doradca i trener biznesu specjalizujący się w strategicznym doradztwie w obszarze marketingu internetowego i automatyzacji procesów marketingowo-sprzedażowych. Jest autorką licznych artykułów z zakresu marketingu oraz zarządzania, realizuje swoją pasję i dzieli się wiedzą także podczas gościnnych wykładów akademickich ( na Uniwersytecie Jagiellońskim w Krakowie, Akademii Górniczo-Hutniczej czy też Uniwersytecie Ekonomicznym w Krakowie). Absolwentka studiów doktoranckich w Akademii Leona Koźmińskiego oraz MBA na University of Bedfordshire. Prowadzi zajęcia nt. automatyzacji marketingu.

Artur Jabłoński

I'm running a social media & PPC Ads agency in Poland - digitalk ( - Facebook Marketing Partner and Google Partner). We help companies improve their social media communication and increase sales. 
Apart from that, I'm a trainer specialized in Social Media and Content Marketing. I've already spent nearly 3000 hours working with marketers and business owners, helping them get better results from social media campaigns. I offer consultations and training in Poland and abroad. 

Kamil Bolek

Kamil Bolek, CMO at LTTM (LifeTube, TalentMedia, Gameset) 

PR specialist, marketer, psychologist, board member, MBA lecturer, speaker, author, etc. etc. After dozens of conference presentations and hundreds of hours of conducted trainings, Kamil came to a conclusion that writing his own bio (in the third person!) is a bit weird so he decided to do something about it. Therefore, he shortened all his experience to: "I share my knowledge about YouTube, video and influencer marketing. I'll be glad to share it also with you! :) ". 

Łucja Gdala

VP/Director Marketing Cloud w Centraals Europe SA 

Digital marketing & ecommerce expert. Supporting marketers in digital strategies, performance marketing, online sales and automation technologies for over 19 years. Previously, held leading positions in media houses specializing in digital activities, she was responsible for implementation hundreds of online campaigns for many leading brands f.e.: Tesco, Link4, Getin Bank, Pizza Hut, Leroy Merlin, Tchibo Direct, Tymbark, Kubuś, Mitsubishi, Credit Agricole EFL and many others.  

Currently, helping companies to increase the effectiveness of online marketing and sales activities by changing processes, developing digital teams and optimizing the technological stack. She advises on the selection and supports the implementation of MarTech technologies in Poland and abroad, among others: DMP (Data Management Platform), marketing automation, test & target and web analytics. A graduate of the Warsaw School of Economics - specialization in international marketing. 

Arkadiusz Miegoń

Vice-president and co-owner of Mexad agency - a company founded in Cologne, gathering the greatest talents in the field of performance and programmatic. Digital media planning lecturer at the Leon Koźmiński Academy. 

Has been involved in the advertising industry for over a decade. Juror in many industry competitions, multiple panelist and speaker at conferences in the field of advertising. Author of many expert comments and market analysis. He has worked so far for the largest brands such as Sony, LG, Asus, HBO, Ikea, Renault, Nissan, Metro Group, SuperPharm, Generali, Centralny Dom Maklerski, Monster and many others. Passionate about backpack traveling to Asia, as an alternative version of a sunbathing vacation. 

Paweł Pawlak

Director of User Acquisition Intelligence in one of the largest mobile advertising platforms in the world with HQ in Los Angeles - AdColony. Pawel is user acquisition and digital & mobile technology expert. His current focus is to lead and develop the AdColony's newly-opened “AI Hub” in Warsaw. With experience managing millions in profitable mobile marketing spend across multiple paid channels, Pawel has successfully grown and developed several mobile gaming studios. Also, he built and lead multiple and multinational digital performance marketing teams in various companies such as Naspers Group, Huuuge Games, BoomBit, Vivid Games, Audioteka. At Huuuge Games Pawel was managing the biggest marketing budgets on mobile across all app categories in Poland (one of the biggest worldwide in its category).

Piotr Gabalewicz

Head of SEO w Publicis Media PL (Performics , Starcom, Zenith, Spark Foundry, Blue 449 LiquidThread). 

Związany z branżą marketingu internetowego ponad 9 lat. Współrealizował w tym okresie kilkanaście dużych i kilkadziesiąt mniejszych projektów SEO'wych, content marketingowych oraz optymalizujących portale webowe podczas trudnych migracji. 

Załubski Mateusz
Mateusz Załubski

Pasjonat i ekspert w dziedzinie digital marketingu i e-commerce, specjalizuje się w marketingu efektywnościowym. Doświadczenie zdobywał w grupie mediowej Dentsu Aegis Network w spółce specjalizującej się w performance marketingu oraz w zespole marketingu B2B w Google. Obecnie pełni rolę Head of Commercial Development na rynki Europy Środkowej we FlixBusie i prowadzi podcast “Dobry Biznes”.   

Od 2017 roku doradza startupom na polskim rynku i wspiera je w tworzeniu strategii ekspansji na rynki zagraniczne. 

Tristan Tresar

My three favourite numbers are 25; 15 and 15 once again. 

First one is simple. I have 25 years of sales experience (15 at Microsoft). 15 of which I have been in roles of sales teams management. 15 years ago, I realised that my calling in business is to identify peoples’ skills and to enable them to drive change in the quality of execution. Since then, I have been leading interim management projects to achieve desired business results. 

6 years ago I defined my own company tristan tresar™. small, agile and boutique company aimed at:  

- executing interim management projects 

- leading a team of well-drilled interim managers 

- achieving desired business results 

- developing people 

- making others think 

- driving changes 

- showing companies the way 

Magda Czachowska
Magdalena Czachowska

Chief Growth Officer, Optimise Media Poland Sp. z o.o.

Experienced performance marketing director. Head of the Performance Marketing Group operating at the Chamber of Digital Economy. Since 2011, responsible for strategy and development in Optimise (part of the AdNext digital agency group) - the performance marketing agency with a affiliate network, media optimization, sales generation tools. Previously, Magda supervised the development of the first affiliate technology in Poland - (K2 Internet Group). She is a graduate of doctoral studies at Kozminski University.

Marta Ulman
Marta Ulman

During classes, we will look at all formal and informal aspects of cooperation between the client and the agency. Students will learn about the organizations operating in the online advertising market and how they work. We will talk about the organization of tender processes, forms of cooperation between clients and agencies, remuneration and settlement of effects. The classes will be practical not only because of the transferred knowledge based on experience, but also because the participants will check the acquired skills in practice during individual and group exercises.

Paweł Pawlak

What you will learn?

During the Mobile Advertising program, you will become a mobile advertising expert and gain all analytical knowledge that is needed.  You will learn how to promote your app, identify core customers/users, and acquire them as well as optimize growth strategies. Then, you will learn how to analyze your results and make improvements to your strategies. Next, you will learn how to activate your customers/users and increase retention rate of your app for better engagement and sales/revenue.  Also, you will know how to work with an agency, mobile ad network, or DSP, and how to evaluate their work. Finally, you will get “dirty” with hands-on workshops to get an important practical experience. 

Dagmara Plata-Alf

Promotion management in the new economy 

In the 21st century, the data transfer and communication dynamics introduce revolutionary changes in the communication models and standards known so far. In the new reality, the classic items of marketing communication are also being changed. This means the need to follow innovations, to know trends, as well as the sources of obtaining the news on promotion management and performance marketing, which you will face during our meeting. 

Advertising on LinkedIn  

LinkedIn is the most popular and largest professional social network website in the world and cannot be ignored. By implementing the "Advertising on LinkedIn" module, you will learn the crucial capabilities of the LinkedIn Ads system and the principles of creating effective ads within it. You will get information about the types of campaigns available in the system and advertising formats, as well as you will acquire practical and technical skills associated with creating adds and measuring their effectiveness. 

Advertising on other new social media (including TikTok)  

The world of social media is a place of various services that enable us to communicate and share content. There are still more and more social networks responding to the current trends, which have a potential to be used in brand marketing communication. Explore the advertising opportunities of TikTok, Pinterest, Twitter, Snapchat and many other social media as an alternative to traditional advertising systems and answer the needs of modern customers. 

Marketing automation and e-mail marketing  

The implementation of „the marketing automation and e-mail marketing” module will allow not only to systematize the theoretical knowledge and a crucial concept associated with the issue of Marketing Automation, but also to acquire practical skills in creating automation paths both in the area of a website, e-mail marketing campaigns, and activities in the field of social media. The workshop will use examples of tools and their capabilities, i.e., SalesManago, Hubspot or Salesforce. 


Tristan Tresar

it is good. it is very good that finally at the end of the algorithmic workshop, with the aid of which everything you have learned so far, you will group in the practical manual on how to use it.this is what algorithmia® is for, a practical method of achieving goals planned. with the aid of several algorithms and several matrixes you will create a plan, the effectiveness of which will arise from the determination of the most effective activities which you will perform with the aid of business processes you have created, critical to the final results.

  • Admission is based on the order of application. 
  • I edition - admission is open until 15.09.2021, the planned date for the start of the study is October 2021.
Terms of completion

The studies end with a written work prepared under the supervision of a selected tutor, and a presentation of the work - the final project. Additionally, participants must be active during the classes and pass the final on-line test prepared on the basis of the material from the studies.

Required documents
  • Completed application form 
  • Copy of  diploma** 
  • 1 photograph and a photograph in electronic JPG format 
  • National ID or passport 
  • Payment slip for the amount of the admission fee 

** This program is classified as postgraduate studies and there are separate regulations regarding the recognition of the diplomas of higher education issued in another countries, for candidates, who would like to continue the education in Poland on postgraduate level. Please check the details here in order to find out whether your diploma would need any additional recognition process to enable you to start a postgraduate/MBA progam in Poland: Click here

Recruitment steps

Please, check the description and application rules of the course you're interested in.


Fill in the application form


The fee should be transferred to the University account or could be settled while submitting the application form.

Marciniuk Agnieszka KEBS
Do you have any questions? Please contact us
Agnieszka Marciniuk

The offered discounts (for Kozminski University Graduates, discount for payment in full and any other discounts do not cumulate)

* In case of an insufficient number of candidates the program might not begin.

Table of fees
Registration fee 300 PLN
Price (possibility of payment in two installments each 6 400 PLN) 12 800 PLN
Price with discount for Kozminski University graduates (possibility of payment in two installments each 5 760 PLN) 11 520 PLN
Price with discount for payment in full in one installment 12 100 PLN

Admission fee should be transferred to the following account:

Akademia Leona Koźmińskiego 03-301 Warszawa, ul. Jagiellońska 57/59 BANK PEKAO SA w Warszawie 20 1240 1024 1111 0010 1646 0637

Tuition should be paid to an individual account number provided in during admission to the program.

Anyone interested in receiving an INVOICE, please contact Ms. Agnieszka Fabiańska e-mail:

In case of an insufficient number of candidates the program might not begin.