Management Program in Corporate Finance 

Whatever your primary domain of professional interests, as you advance through your career, you will inevitably have to deal with problems pertaining to the domain of corporate finance. You may be managing the payroll, the purchases, legal or compliance issues, marketing campaigns, investment decisions, M&As, personal wealth. Whether you are a well-positioned corporate executive or a sole proprietor, you have to take decisions, all of which have a financial dimension. Equipping yourself with a toolkit of financial decision making should be regarded as a highly beneficial endeavor with a large payoff in the future. Management Program in Corporate Finance represents an excellent choice, for it delivers a condensed knowledge and skill allowing you to facilitate your everyday chores. 

Dr. Piotr Sieradzan, CFA, Program Trainer

President and CEO

Everest Investments S.A.

Everest Investment Management S.A.


Block NameModule NameNo of Contact Hours
Onboarding Session2

Semester I

I. Essentials
Financial Reporting and Analysis 16
Quantitative Techniques for Managers 22

II. Corporate Finance and Controlling

Operational Controlling16
Corporate Finance for Managers22
Corporate Valuation & Fundamental Analysis24

Semster II

III. Strategic Decisions
Business Project Appraisal24
Mergers & Acquisitions14

IV. Financial Markets

Enterprise Risk Management16
Financial Markets and Securities Analysis16
Portfolio Analysis12


Total: 192 contact hours




  • Duration: 2 semesters; 192 hours
  • Language of instruction: English
  • Mode of teaching: part-time, classes are taking place on weekends, ones or twice per month
  • Saturdays - 8.45-15.45
  • Sundays - 8.45-15:45


    The module descriptions present abridged tentative course outlines. To get complete course syllabi, please contact Ms Małgorzata Cybulska

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    Małgorzata Cybulska