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Frontend Development With React

Postgraduate Programs
1 year
Obtained title
Certificate of completion postgraduate studies

About the program

In the event of pandemic restrictions, we are prepared to conduct online classes.   The "Frontend Development With React" postgraduate program aims to familiarize the students with modern front-end technologies. In response to the growing demand for front-end developers skilled in the hottest  library in the industry -- React. Built by Facebook in 2013, it remains the most popular choice for creating user interfaces. During programming workshops, led by experienced lecturers, the students build a genuine Internet application with rich feature set.

Advantages of this postgraduate course


The lecturers are software engineers with years of experience working in the IT industry.


Have your code reviewed by professional developers.


Small training groups.


Take part in programming sessions.


The only React and React Native program in Poland.


Learn to create both Web and mobile applications - iOS and Android.

Target audience

  • individuals interested in Web applications programming or seeking to learn modern JavaScript frameworks, such as React and React Native,
  • those wishing to start a career in IT,
  • people who are anxious to develop Web applications with the help of experienced software engineers.

Nice to have: prior knowledge of any programming language.

  • In this unique one-year program you are going to:
  • Build a career in React / React Native development,
  • Learn the latest iteration of JavaScript by programming real-world applications,
  • Land a job or internship with the program's partner company.

The course aims to provide exciting coding opportunities. The students are going to build real-world Web applications under the supervision of experienced software engineers and mentors.

The students' projects undergo code reviews which enhance the learning process.

The program's graduates may work in the following positions:

  • frontend developer,
  • Web applications developer,
  • React developer.

These professionals remain in high demand.

Program leader

Grzegorz Mazur
Grzegorz Mazur

Greg graduated from Wrocław University of Technology and postgraduate studies  in Higher School of Banking in Poznań (Modern web and mobile technologies) and postgraduate studies (Android and iOS development) at the Wroclaw University              of Technology. Currently he is working for global company which is specialized in IT consulting services for international clients. Previously he worked in IT projects for the aviation and education branch and in smaller software companies (startups).

He is an experienced professional in IT training for adults. He has conducted IT trainings for adults since 2012 (in IT branch from 2014). His passion is developing IT training projects which give practical IT skills in order to raise people’s qualifications or empower them to start in the IT industry. Since 2017 during IT postgraduate studies he has trained over 300 people in the biggest cities in Poland. His areas of interests are: web and mobile development fundamentals, software testing strategies and version control. He supports using best practices, IT tools from IT business in order to show participants real IT projects circumstances and problems.


Module 1:  Web developer's key competences

  • Orientation session
  • Coding environment setup
  • HTML and CSS refresher
  • Working with DOM

Module 2: UI/UX for front-end developers

  • UX prototyping
  • UI prototyping 
  • UI/UX designer-developer collaboration

Module 3: Basic JavaScript programming

  • JavaScript programming
  • JSON data exchange format

Module 4: Web application's responsiveness. Project collaboration using Git.

  • Bootstrap, Responsive Web Design
  • Git version control system
  • Working with GitHub

Module 5: Advanced JavaScript programming

  • Modern JavaScript features and programming patterns
  • Working with a browser console
  • NPM, Babel, Webpack, CRA 
  • CSS preprocessors -- Sass/LESS

Module 6: Server-side JavaScript programming (back end). Interim project.

  • NodeJS introduction
  • Building REST API's with Express
  • Working with MongoDB
  • Modules 1-5 review
  • Single page application project

Module 7: Basic React

  • React architecture, components, application life cycle
  • An overview of the most popular React libraries

Module 8: React application architecture 

  • Redux -- a unidirectional data flow implementation
  • React Web application project

Module 9: Modern Android/iOS mobile applications and JavaScript (16 hours) 

  • Building iOS/Android mobile applications with React Native
  • Programming workshops

Module 10: Code review and design patterns 

  • React/React Native application code review
  • Interim project review
  • Design patterns and the best coding practices

Module 11: TDD, testing and graduation project 

Total course hours: 176 hours* (including preparatory classes and examinations) * 1 lesson hour = 45 minutes

Duration: 2 semesters; 176 contact hours

Language of instruction: English

Mode of teaching: part-time, classes are taking place on weekends, ones or twice per month

  • Saturdays - 8.45-15.45
  • Sundays - 8.45-15:45


Leading lecturers

Admission procedure

Admission is based on the order of application.

Admission is open until 15 February 2024, and the program is scheduled to start in March 2024.



  • Completed application form
  • Copy of diploma**
  • 1 Photograph and a photograph in electronic JPEG format
  • National ID or passport
  • Payment slip for the amount of the admission fee

** a copy of one’s diploma of higher education - degree diploma at least on Bachelor level or higher; in case of the diplomas issued outside Poland the candidates are kindly asked to provide also a copy of the diploma suplement (transcript of records) and an official translation of both the diploma and the supplement into English.


Please check the application rules and the description of the MBA program your choice.


Fill in our application form



Admission fee should be transferred to the University account or could be settled during online application.

Do you have any questions? Please contact us
Joanna Nurowska

Tuition and fees

* The offered discounts (for Kozminski University Graduates, discount for payment in full and any other discounts do not cumulate)

Table of fees
Registration fee 250 zł
Price (possibility of payment in two installments each 5 000 zł) 10 000 zł
Price with discount for Kozminski University graduates (possibility of payment in two installments each 4 500 zł) 9 000 zł
Price with discount for payment in full in one installment 9 500 zł


Admission fee should be transferred to the following account:  Akademia Leona Koźmińskiego   03-301 Warszawa, ul. Jagiellońska 57/59   BANK PEKAO SA w Warszawie 20 1240 1024 1111 0010 1646 0637 

Tuition should be paid to an individual account number provided during admission to the program.   

Anyone interested in receiving an INVOICE, please contact Ms. Agnieszka Fabiańska e-mail:

We kindly inform that editions are launched with the specified number of participants, allowing proper group dynamics.