Valuation and Financial Modeling with Excel 


Agnieszka Marciniuk

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Enhance your strategic investment decisions by robust valuation models
Benefits for you:

  • Benefit from rigorous valuation tools and understand the impact of business decisions and capital markets on a company value.
  • Boost your expertise and confidence in discussing company valuation issues from start-ups, over privately and publicly-held corporations to M&A and LBO.
  • Develop financial toolkit applicable in your business environment to make bold but sound business decisions.
  • Equip yourself with skills and experience which can help you lead challenging projects like acquisition, IPO, restructuring or project finance.
  • Obtain the Certificate of Professional Excellence in the specialised field from the top business school.


Benefits for your organization:

  • This program helps you to develop sustainable value creation ideas based on financial and business facts.
  • Business leaders learn how to improve their investment decisions and inspire value-added attitudes among team members.  
  • Skilled in estimating value impact of business decisions, managers will improve stakeholder value contribution.
  • Our teaching approach constantly promotes diversity, sustainability and high ethical standards as one of the key valuation parameters.

Program Highlights:

  • Real-life cases and simulations with Excel
  • Blended learning approach
  • Small class size

Key topics:

  • Tuesday: Business valuation practicalities + Welcome dinner and networking in the evening
  • Wednesday: Start-up valuation vs. publicly-held corporation valuation with Excel
  • Thursday: M&A vs. LBO valuation plus Valuation for the purpose of financial reporting
  • Friday: Special topics in valuation with Excel


Gain the skills and confidence to discuss valuation
What you will learn:

  • Learn the mechanics and practical use of valuation tools and techniques based on cash-flows and risk adjusted time value of money principles.
  • Understand the relationship between value and various investment strategies.
  • Master the workings of international capital markets, cash-flow analysis, capital structure optimisation, and risk assessment approaches.
  • Implement valuation techniques on life-case situations most common in your business world.


How you learn:

  • Hands-on workshop guarantees an interactive experience based on life-case studies and financial models in Excel.
  • Various valuation techniques are demonstrated on the recent deals, tackling all common situations in valuation.   
  • Limitations and critique of conventional techniques will be broadly discussed and suitable alternatives presented.
  • Develop your own valuation case and discuss your valuation narrative and challenges.



How to apply


Use our online application form.

Application deadline: 2.12.2019

Last day of Early-Bird registration: 30.09.2019

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Join us to experience the real-life diversity of financial dimensions

  • You are C-level executive (CEO, CFO, COO, CTO) who searches for M&A targets which may create value for your company and its shareholders or who wants to know how to challenge valuation reports prepared by third-party advisors.
  • You are a M&A professional, or Private equity & Venture capital specialist eager to know how to make a valuation by yourself, or how to defend your own valuation.
  • You are a business analyst, consultant who is willing to learn how to create robust but practical financial models for the purpose of valuation.
  • You are an investment banker, equity research professional, security analyst, or corporate restructuring specialist who wants to obtain some more valuation and financial modeling practicalities and share your own experience with peers.
  • You are a private company owner interested in selling a majority or minority interest of your own business.
  • You are a corporate treasurer, corporate controller, financial expert, risk manager, lawyer/legal expert keen to upgrade your expertise in valuation.





Application process is plain and easy.
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Registered participants will be contacted for a short interview by our program leader.



An acceptance letter will be sent electronically and will contain an invoice for tuition fee.



Enjoy the start of an exciting learning journey after receiving full access to our program.

We admit candidates to specific sessions on a rolling, space available basis, and encourage you to apply as early as possible.

Although most programs have no formal educational requirements, admission is a selective process based on your professional achievement and organizational responsibilities.


All-inclusive Fees

  • One-time fee: 1890 EUR.
  • This Executive Master Class tuition fee includes: course materials, welcome dinner, lunch and catering during breaks, parking, wifi on campus, free access to our databases, LinkedIn Learning platform and the gym.
  • Early bird discount until 30.09.19: 10%
  • Discount for Kozminski University Alumni: 10%
  • Team discount: 10%

* The three offered special discounts will be cumulated.


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