Business Studies in English  

About the program

PhD Elżbieta Jendrych

Ph.D. in linguistics . Many years of experience in teaching Business English, English for Banking and Finance and Business Skills . Since 1995 PhD Jendrych has been associated with Kozminski University, as the Director of the Centre of Foreign Languages and Head of Language Certification Centre TOLES . Reviewer for  “The Journal of Languages and Culture” , an adviser for “Intelligent Business Advanced ' and ' Financial English ' (published by Pearson Longman ) . The author of over 10 books for the study of the specialized English language and numerous articles published in scientific journals within Poland and abroad. Research interests : CLIL , specialized terminology , Business collocations , linguistics , parametric analysis of specialized texts.

The purpose of the studies is the acquisition by students of specialized knowledge and skills needed to function in an English-speaking business environment as well as the preparation of teachers and lecturers to teach Business English.
The curriculum is focused on understanding the terminology and phraseology of the business language , understand the basics of business , the acquisition of business skills, comprehension and analysis of specialized texts , as well as mastering the principles, forms and styles of various texts prepared for the needs of businesses. Lectures expanding specialist terminology and knowledge of the basics of management , finance, marketing and law.


  • a person with a good knowledge of general English who wants to acquire skills in Business English
  • those interested in joining the European Union workforce
  • if you are planning to start working with companies that need business knowledge
  • teachers / lecturers of English courses interested in Business English
  • graduates of English and applied linguistics and language teacher training colleges interested in business English


The postgraduate Business Studies in English can be completed after passing all exams and completions of all particular subjects conducted during the studies. Final verification of present knowledge and language skills will be made through the final testing of the two leading subjects, such as “Fundamentals of Business” with elements of “Finance and Banking” and “Business Writing” . In addition, students will write an essay on a business topic and conduct a group presentation.


Students have the opportunity to attend a certificate exam “English for Business London Chamber of Commerce and Industry” (extra charge of about 400 PLN) . Examinations are carried out on several levels at the University in the spring.

Subjects and schedule


This program is a typical example of the so-called. Content and Language Integrated Learning, which is a leading method of learning specialized English  at a high level in Europe and around the world .

  • Fundamentals of Business - lectures , seminars , classes and workshops; range of material includes the following areas : management, market , production, distribution , transportation, retail , marketing , consumer protection , corporate structure , types of companies , employment , business ethics .
  • Finance and Banking - lectures and exercises , range of material are: the types and functions of money , types of banks , banking , finance, business , accounting, insurance, taxes , stock exchange
  • Business Writing - exercises , range of material covers the content, form , organization and style of business letters : business letters , reports , proposals , memos , leaflets , notices , meeting minutes .
  • Business Corporate Culture - Corporate Culture , Business Etiquette , Cross-cultural Communication.
  • Business Skills - Business Presentations , Negotiations and Meetings , Case Studies, Understanding the Language of Business Law.
  • Introduction to Management
  • Introduction to Marketing
  • Introduction to Finance
  • Introduction to Law
  • Lectures - Managment, Marketing, Finance, Law
  • Business Communication
  • Integration Course
  • Case Studies
  • Final Project Seminar

The total number of teaching hours : 182 *
(with assessment).
* One teaching hour = 45 minutes


Our language teachers have been highly evaluated by a group of experts from the Language Division of the European Council, who wrote after their visit of the University in the "Polish: Report of Experts" that the level of teaching and the program itself can be a model for other universities .

Using an integrated language teaching subject (CLIL) teachers emphasize both the business transfer learning content and the specific terminology and phraseology .


The program lasts for two semesters.
Classes are held once or twice a month :

    Saturday - 8.45-15.45
    Sunday - 8.45-15.45



    • Admission is based on the order of application.
    • XXII edition - rekrutacja trwa do 10 marca 2018 roku, planowany termin rozpoczęcia studiów to marzec 2018 roku.*


    • Completed application form
    • Copy of  diploma
    • 1 Photograph and a photograph in electronic JPEG format
    • Copy of a personal ID
    • Payment slip for the amount of the admission fee
    • Medical certificate of absence of contraindications to study
    • Copy of your current insurance policy for medical expenses and accidents

    *In case of an insufficient number of candidates the program might not begin.


    • English language level B2/C1.



    • Registration fee: 200 zł
    • Price: 5400 zł – possibility of payment in two installments each 2700 zł
    • Price with discount for Kozminski University Graduates: 4860 zł * – possibility of payment in two installments each 2430 zł
    •  Price with discount for payment in full: 5100 zł *

    * The offered discounts (for Oferowane zniżki Kozminski University Graduates, discount for payment in full and any other discounts do not cumulate)


    Admission fee should be transferred to the following account:
    Akademia Leona Koźmińskiego 
    03-301 Warszawa, ul. Jagiellońska 57/59 
    BANK PEKAO SA w Warszawie 20 1240 1024 1111 0010 1646 0637 

    Tuition should be paid to an individual account number provided in during admission to the program. 

    Participants interested in receiving a VAT invoice should contact:

    Monika Żochowska


    Małgorzata Cybulska