Executive MBA in Minsk 

About the program


Executive MBA program in Minsk is a joint project of Kozminsky University and IPM Business School. In 2008 the program got an Association of MBA (AMBA) accreditation. 

IPM Business school is the only European type business education establishment in Belarus. It became possible due to the partnership relations and extensive international ties with the leading organizations in the field of business education. It is a member of the following international organizations: CEEMAN (Central and East European Management Development Association); International Group of Controlling; Russian Association of Business Education. IPM Business School was a pioneer in introduction the MBA program in Belarus following the mission to enable people of different professions to gain managerial knowledge in order to work effectively in managerial positions or to manage their own companies effectively IPM Business school guarantees that Executive MBA program is carried out according to requirements set by AMBA accreditation and other stated for MBA standards. The program is developed and approved by the Academic Council of the program. 

MBA graduate 

Executive MBA is a unique chance to involve highly skilled experts (colleagues at study, the scientific advisers, and teachers) in the decisions of the problems which the company faces. As a result, my diploma became a plan of action by which I was guided every day during 3 next years. And I achieved all the purposes I had at that moment.

Vladimir Vasilevsky
chairman of the board of directors
“UNITER Investment Company” JSC


Executive MBA is a course for the top-managers, already working heads or business owners who do not have an opportunity to leave the work for a year or two but feel necessity for increase of the competence in the field of management. The basic idea of Executive MBA programis the development of competences of top-managers in the field of taking strategic decisions.

Structure of the program

Program details 

Training on the program is based on the principle:

From the complete approach 

(search of strategy of competition and principles of management of the company)


Through the analysis of each component


 To a new level of competences in the creating of strategy and development of the company

Program structure 

ЕМВА program contains the courses which guarantee an all-round development of a business leader. Participants of the program receive complex knowledge in the field of finance, marketing, the general and strategic management, statistics, and also skills of leadership, team work, skills of presentation and communication, etc. During the work at the degree project the students have an opportunity to realize the received knowledge in practice, applying the tools which were taught at the program.


I & II semesters

  • Managerial economics
  • Legal environment of business
  • Decision Support Systems
  • Business simulation game
  • Principles of management
  • Marketing
  • Financial accounting and analysis
  • Managerial accounting and controlling
  • Human resources management
  • Organizational behaviour
  • Strategic management
  • Financial management
  • Operations management
  • Leadership
  • Personal development
  • Business presentation skills

    III semester

    Project Management
    Strategic analysis for diploma project

    • Change management
    • International business
    • Enterpreneurship
    • Coaching
    • Growth strategies
    • Marketng analysis
    • Project management
    • International business
    • Strategic marketing
    • Balanced Score Card


    Total: 570 h
    The electives are run during the 2-day session.

    Alumni receive Kozminski University Diploma and IPM Business School Certificate. 


    Executive MBA Program at IPM Business school consists of three training semesters and one – for project ЕМВА program provides two forms of the organization of training process: modular and evening attendance of classes. The modular program of training is carried out once each three weeks (from Friday till Sunday, the whole day). As a rule, this form of training is preferable to nonresident students or to those who have plenty of business trips. As the schedule is given for a half-year forward, the student can plan the business trips working beforehand. The evening form of training assumes that the classes are carried out every week, in the working days - in the evening, on Saturday - the whole day (two times per month). This form of training is preferable to the people who don't have plenty of business trips and work and live in Minsk. This format is convenient for the students having no opportunities to study during working hours. 



    The admission to the program is carried out two times per year - in February and October. As a rule, the October admission is an evening format and a modular format, the February admission is evening format of training (the table below)


    • Thursday, Friday 18.00-21.00
    • Saturday (two times a month) 10.00-17.30


    • Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday 10.00-17.30

    Entrance examination

    Entrance examination consists of two parts: writing an essay on the particular theme and the solution of a test GMAT type which are the standard procedures of selection during the admission. Time which is given for the examination is 150 minutes: 30 minutes - for writing an essay and 120 minutes for the test.

    Entrance procedure

    The basic requirements for potential candidates: 

    • candidate should have finished higher education irrespective of a specialization 
    • candidates should have at least 5 years of managerial experience. 

    Documents required: 

    • Two letters of recommendation; 
    • copy of the diploma of higher education and supplements to it; 
    • copy of a work-record card or an extract from it; 
    • Two recent photos; 
    • The standard questionnaire placed on the IPM Business school website. 



    The tuition fee for the whole Programme is 14 400 USD.

    Agnieszka Marciniuk


    Agnieszka Marciniuk