Executive MBA in English 

Agnieszka Marciniuk

International Relations Manager

Aneta Małkowska

Educational Initiatives Manager





Delivery Manager for Web & Mobile +Cloud Enterprise Solutions


If I were to choose once again whether to take up an executive MBA course, I would definitely make the same decision immediately. I still benefit from what I’ve learned and – most of all – from whom I’ve met. These are two undeniable strengths of KU’s Executive MBA – the quality level of the program and its community, which combined together give its participants great opportunities not only to grow their careers and business, but also to grow in life as people. We are all at different stages of our development and coming from different backgrounds, and exactly this mixture of highly motivated individuals makes the Executive MBA experience so unique.


Commercial Director – International and Intermodal


The Executive MBA program was a challenging and very inspiring experience for me. Challenging – because I had to combine professional and private life with studying for two years; the level of involvement it took was enormous. Inspiring – because these are practical studies, based on a continued exchange of experience between high-class managers and entrepreneurs. The high teaching standards of the faculty members (always open to discussion) – in many cases market practitioners – allowed us to look into the future through a rapidly changing environment. This atmosphere favored entrepreneurship.

The program was also a chance for me to meet very interesting people and to significantly expand my professional network. Kozminski University is a great place to gain knowledge, become familiar with practice, establish business contacts, and often even make friends. Using this opportunity to the fullest depended only on us alone.


Director, Financial Markets Sales Office

Bank Pekao

The Executive MBA program at Kozminski University allowed me to organize my knowledge and professional expertise by putting them in a completely different framework. Both the workshops conducted by industry professionals and networking with my fantastic colleagues have resulted in excellent new insights.

KU’s Executive MBA gives its participants a unique opportunity to expand the network of relationships both within and outside one’s own area of expertise. Within two years, I managed to build a team of trustworthy experts with diverse backgrounds.
Having demanded substantial effort and dedication, the decision to pursue the studies paid off with new skills, knowledge, enhanced self-confidence, and a solid foundation for further career steps.


Sales and Marketing Manager

Global Polska

I was looking for inspiration in the business world. An environment of like-minded people ready to discuss, argue, dispute. I thought I’d find them by taking up an MBA program, and that is exactly what happened. Since graduation we’ve been keeping in touch, exchanging opinions, helping each other in solving business problems. Our relationships are all about mutual respect and work ethics. There is no competition between us.

The program met my expectations. Additionally, it gave me something extra, which I did not expect – a strong dose of motivation, a push into action.





It is believed that networking and relationship building lie at the very heart of every business, and we do our best to provide you with a space to support you in both – during as well as after your studies. We hope that even after you graduate from Kozminski University and get your MBA diploma, we can still keep in touch with you. We are always pleased to see you at our MBA Alumni Reunions, Christmas MBA Alumni Reunions, various networking events, Kozminski Lions Competition, and at many, many other events that we organize especially for you!

Our MBA Alumni Reunion takes place every year, on the third weekend of September. We always choose different but equally interesting destinations in Poland, such as the Masurian Lake District or the city of Toruń. The three days are full of inspirational lectures, personal development exercises, and free time activities to spend together.

Our Christmas MBA Alumni Reunion is organized each December just before Christmas. Our alumni meet in a chosen hotel in Warsaw to celebrate this festive season. It is another good opportunity for you to maintain the already established relationships or make some new ones, to integrate, and spend time in a pleasant atmosphere. The evening is filled with many fun activities organized especially for the occasion.

Networking events are organized for our alumni looking for inspiration, personal development opportunities, new business contacts, and occasions to share and exchange experience. Each meeting features special guests – true masters in their fields.

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Kozminski Lions – our alumni with the most spectacular careers are awarded Kozminski Lions statuettes as part of the Kozminski Lions Competition. The main prizes are awarded during the inauguration ceremony of the academic year. Each year, there are three categories taken into consideration: Manager, Lawyer, and Entrepreneur.

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