Project and Programme Leadership - English 


The aim of this training is to provide participants with an understanding of the theory and practice of leadership and the contribution that leadership behaviours make to the delivery of sustained value through projects and programmes.  Participants will explore the behaviours, skills and capabilities that will enable them to understand and develop their individual capacity to lead others.


  • 2 days training
  • Date:
  • Price: 2900 PLN *
  • Price with discount for Kozminski University students and graduates: 2710 PLN *

* Price includes: training materials, coffee breaks and lunch.


Mike Rawlins

Accredited Executive and Life Coach, Business Trainer, Author and Programme Management Consultant specialising in coaching and leadership development for project sponsors, managers and team members.As a business coach, Mike aims to help individuals and organisations improve operational performance through the creation of a coaching culture in teams and the development of a capability for deep self and situational awareness in leaders and managers.  For project sponsors, managers and team members, Mike has produced a range of development material focusing on the practical application of leadership behaviours, tools and techniques as a means to delivering sustainable value through projects and programmes.  Mike aims to help executives, managers, programme sponsors and project managers work with their teams, or with key individuals, to develop high performing leadership skills. Mike was previously a senior IS manager with National Grid undertaking a number of roles in portfolio, programme and service management in support of the Gas Distribution and Electricity Transmission businesses in the UK and continues to work as a consultant with a leading UK based company working in the field of renewable energy. Mike is an experienced presenter on Project Management and Leadership topics at public seminars and an inspiring blog writer.


After completing the workshop, the participants should be able to:

  • Draw upon a wide variety of leadership strategies suitable for any context – to demonstrate situational leadership capabilities that reflect the challenges of transition programmes;
  • Understand and perform the four critical roles of leadership;
  • Demonstrate a capability for self-awareness and development in critical leadership capabilities;
  • Understand and behave authentically in all leadership situations;
  • Identify and develop leadership capabilities and behaviours in others.


  • Current and future Project and Programme Managers
  • Project Management Office Managers
  • Transition/Transformation/Change Leaders
  • Other leaders who occasionally run projects or programmes


The key objectives of this workshop are:

  • To provide participants with an understanding of relevant leadership theories;
  • To relate leadership theory to best practice project and programme management;
  • To introduce a model of pragmatic leadership behaviours that support the delivery of sustained value and which make programmes a better experience for all;
  • To develop and utilise a practical framework for the application of leadership behaviours supported by relevant skills, processes and tools;
  • To provide an effective forum for exchanging experience and to foster a sense of team spirit and mutual support between project and programmes managers.

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