Managerial Statistics 


  • The Nature of Statistics. Statistical survey. Grouping data. Graphs and charts.
  • Measures of Central Tendency /mean, mode, median, lower and upper quartiles;  percentiles/.
  • Measures of Variations /standard deviation, variance, quartile deviation/.
  • Skewness; measures of asymmetry and kurtosis.
  • Comprehensive analysis of the population in respect of one variable.
  • Comparative analysis of two different populations in respect of one variable.
  • Correlation and regression. Paired data and scatter diagrams. The Pearson correlation coefficient and the Spearman (rank) coefficient. Correlation in the table.
  • Linear regression model, predictions, standard error of estimate.
  • Time series analysis. Measures of dynamics. Individual and aggregate indexes.
  • Some economic indexes /price, quantity and value indexes/.
  • Laspeyres, Paasche and Fisher indexes.
  • Linear trend function. Standard error of estimate.
  • Probability Theory. Random variables /discrete and continuous/.
  • Some theoretical probability distributions and their applications.
  • Point and Interval Estimation. Confidence intervals. Margin error. The minimum sample size.
  • Hypothesis Testing /parametric and nonparametric tests of significance/.


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