Managerial Statistics 


  • Duration: Five days – 8 hours each and one day – 5 hours (including the final test)
  • Course fee: PLN690 gross (VAT included)
  • Date of the course:
  • 7 September 2020 (Monday) 8 h
  • 8 September 2020 (Tuesday) 8 h
  • 9 September 2020 (Wednesday) 8 h
  • 10 September 2020 (Thursday) 8 h
  • 11 September 2020 (Friday) 8 h
  • 14 September 2020 (Monday) 5 h = 3 h + 2 h exam


The course aims to provide theoretical and practical foundations for statistical analysis (descriptive and mathematical part).

The course equips students with skills to apply different statistical methods in business, economics, management and other social sciences and enables students to determine appropriate approaches, and what is the most important, to draw relevant conclusions.

The objective is to provide practical foundations for statistical inference by familiarizing students with different approaches to inference and to equip students with skills to apply different methods (mainly estimation and hypothesis testing).

Program highlights: 

Students will have practical ability to use statistical tools in management, finance, banking, HR, economics and other social sciences.


First degree students of Kozminski University who didn't pass the course Managerial Statistics and want to pass this subject as part of the Summer School during the holidays, without a need of repeating the entire course during the next year of study in the new semester.

Kozminski University students who didn't manage to familiarize with all issues of Managerial Statistics during the school semester and want to broaden their knowledge in the proposed field.

Students entering second degree studies who during their undergraduate studies did not have the course of Descriptive Statistics or Managerial Statistics at all or forgot the main issues of the above subjects and wish to repeat the knowledge of this topic.



Lecturer at the Department of Quantitative Methods and Information Technology at the Kozminski University in Warsaw.

She is the Head of the Quantitative Methods and Statistics Department.
She conducts various classes in Mathematics, Quantitative Methods and Statistics. Her main scientific interests include optimal theory and game theory. She is the author of various textbooks on mathematics and statistics. She has many years of experience in conducting both full-time and online classes (she cooperated with the Polish Virtual University).

After finishing the course students will know: 

  • how to use descriptive and mathematical tools (estimation and hypothesis testing) to describe quantitatively chosen problem and formulate and verify research hypothesis
  • how to design and conduct a research process
  • how to interpret the values of different statistical measures
  • how to make relevant conclusions
  • how to apply IT tools to conduct basic statistical analysis (using computer software: Excel and Statistica)


Aneta Gąsiewska

  • +48 (22) 519 25 93