Business Correspondence 


  • Duration: The classes will be held from Monday to Friday, 1.30pm – 3.30 pm.
  • Time line: 7 September – 11 September 2020
  • Course fee: PLN 700 gross (VAT included)


This course aims to help students enhance a set of skills needed to create business correspondence in English: starting from simple everyday messages most frequently encountered in the office environment, through offers, reports, announcements, notices, memos, e-mails, to invitation and congratulation letters.

The students will gain the relevant knowledge and master the necessary tools that will help them to have a more fluent command  of written English in a variety of business and business-related situations. A deeper insight into templates of all kinds of documents, supported with a stock of thematic vocabulary and some basic knowledge about the layout of the different forms of correspondence, will help students to use the knowledge and skills acquired in class both at work and beyond the world of business.

Course components: 

1. Introduction: the benefits of using a written language accurately; types of business documents typically found these days; the basics of business correspondence; “the 5 Cs” of writing business letters; the role of  structure in business writing.

2. Language and spelling: the key role of language accuracy; elements of creative writing; spelling and punctuation rules in practice; overview of typical mistakes.

3. Grammar: typical grammar mistakes found in formal correspondence, business correspondence,, and informal (private) correspondence: active/passive voice, person, tense.

4. Types of business documents: key parts, style/register. layout, current trends.


Recommended entry level of English: B1+


Łukasz Sorokowski

A graduate of the Institute of English at the University of Warsaw, and the Institute of International Studies at the University of Warsaw, Łukasz Sorokowski has over the last twelve years been working as a lecturer, translator/interpreter, and keen teacher, specialising in General English, as well as in Legal and Business English. He has been in charge of the Summer School for the past couple of years.


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