Women in Management

Call for papers for a symposium on "Women in Management. Experiences from Central and Eastern European Countries"

This symposium is intended to explore and present conceptual, theoretical and empirical research that showcase the experience of work and management of women in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE). The aim is to expand discussion about women in professional settings in CEE, considering regions’ specific socio-cultural, political and economic circumstances.

We invite contributions that address (but are not limited to) the following topics:

  • Experiences of women in work and management in CEE
  • Gendered intersectionality
  • Career trajectories of successful women leaders
  • Comparative analysis of experiences of women in work and management in CEE
  • Work-life balance demands and its impact on work
  • Pressures, expectations and perception of women in work environment
  • Power dynamics at work environment
  • Policies aimed to support women at work
  • Scientific committee is happy discuss ideas for papers with potential contributors.

Important dates: Deadline for submission of 1,500 word summary for initial screening of topics is on 1 st of June 2021 and a deadline for a full paper submission is October 15th, 2021. Submissions are to be sent to dr. Anna Górska at amg@kozminski.edu.pl

All authors are informed by November 10th on the decision to accept the paper for the symposium. Accepted papers will be presented at the online conference on 9th and 10th of December 2021, hosted by KU. Articles presented during the symposium can to go through a fast track in Central European Management Journal. The submissions to the journal will still go through the double-blind peer review process. The symposium will be organized by the Women and Diversity in Organizations Research Center at Kozminski University. Scientific Committee and guest editorial team:

  • Prof. Dorota Dobija, Ph.D. (Kozminski University)
  • Anna M. Górska, Ph.D. (Kozminski University)
  • Prof. Sibel Yamak, Ph.D. (University of Wolverhampton)