We invite you to participate in the "Memories collector" contest! 


Do you have a special memory related to our University? The "Memories collector" contest is just for you!

Take part and maybe the next memory added to your collection will be a dinner with the Rector and other winners in the categories: student, alumni, and staff member.  

Contest rules: 

1. Describe your most interesting, funniest, or most touching memory from your study or work time at Kozminski. 

2. Add a photo illustrating the memory (if you have one). 

3. Send it to us in a private message on Facebook/Instagram or by email to: promocja@kozminski.edu.pl 

We've also provided distinction awards in the form of vouchers for Kozminski Boutique worth 250 zł. 

Entries are accepted until 8.10.23. 

Don't miss the opportunity to share your unique memory and gain another one! We await your story!  

You can find the rules HERE.

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