Time capsule with a letter to future generations, celebrating the 30th anniversary of Koźmiński University


An exceptional initiative as part of the 30th anniversary celebrations of Koźmiński University. A time capsule containing a letter to future generations and objects associated with the present times was buried in front of the main building of the University. The capsule will be opened on the 50th anniversary of the university in 2043.

What was placed inside and with what intention was it buried?

The ceremony of burying the time capsule took place on the university campus with the participation of representatives of the Koźmiński University community and the Rector, Prof. Grzegorz Mazurek, PhD. During his speech, the Rector shared his reflections on the changes that the university has undergone in the last three decades and expressed his hopes and expectations for future generations.

30 years of the existence of Koźmiński University is just the beginning of a great adventure in building an academic and scientific center that is one of the best business schools in Europe," emphasized Prof. Grzegorz Mazurek, Rector of Koźmiński University. "We hope that in two decades, many of today's students and employees will open the capsule, gaining the energy to act and manage the university on the path to achieving increasingly ambitious goals," he added.

The capsule contained, among other things, a letter-message to future generations, an article, and a letter from Prof. Andrzej Koźmiński regarding the future of the European Union, a commemorative t-shirt for the 30th anniversary, and current editions of "Financial Times" and "Rzeczpospolita," as well as items essential to the present, such as a mobile phone and a USB drive.

The university authorities hope that the opening of the capsule in two decades will be accompanied not only by a significant anniversary - the 50th anniversary of the university's establishment - but also that the capsule will serve as an important symbol of the times and an inspiration for future generations.

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