Professor David Duenas-Cid guest on European Commission podcast


Professor David Duenas-Cid, from the Department of Management in Digital and Networked Societies at Kozminski University, was one of three experts invited to participate in the podcast Democracy - a right worth defending, published on the official website of the European Commission. The professor specialises in research on the impact of technology on governance. His work and research projects, often conducted in an international environment, contribute to a better understanding of how digital tools can support democratic processes and public engagement.

The aim of the podcast is to highlight the role of each voice and each debate in defending and promoting democratic values. During the conversation, Prof Duenas-Cid shared his insights on the impact of civic engagement on democratic processes in the context of the upcoming European Parliament elections. The discussion also aimed to raise public awareness of the importance of every vote cast and of active participation in public life.

The podcast is available on the European Commission's official EU Science, Research and Innovation channels on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn “EU Science, Research and Innovation”. It is an excellent opportunity to deepen your understanding of the current challenges and prospects for democracy in Europe. Professor Duenas-Cid is also actively promoting the event on social media, including his LinkedIn profile, where he shares his thoughts on this European Commission initiative.

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