Kozminski University's MBA studies are the BEST in Poland according to the "Perspektywy" National Ranking!


The MBA ranking announced on November 18th, 2021 by the Polish Perspektywy Educational Foundation confirmed the earlier reports of the Financial Times. Kozminski University is the best university in Poland in terms of educating future managers, and its Executive MBA studies, which have been launched more than 30 years ago, are rated the highest by both graduates and independent experts. Since 2010, Kozminski University, as the only Polish university, has been listed in the " Financial Times" ranking among the world's top 100 Executive MBA programs, recently taking the 54th position and 1st position in Central Europe.

The high quality of Kozminski's MBA studies is confirmed by international accreditations held by the university, including the so-called Triple Crown, consisting of the European accreditation EQUIS, and the American AACSB, and AMBA, which is a guarantee of the quality of the MBA studies.

An MBA is not only the key to planning a managerial career but also to the future of an organization. We teach business development by implementing new technologies and artificial intelligence, but we also have sustainability, ecology, and business ethics in mind. To be a true business leader today is not enough to win the competitive battle for market advantage. You need to be able to fight for more and operate from a global perspective, with a clear understanding of the changing world. Such a perspective is provided by the Executive MBA studies - says Prof. Grzegorz Mazurek, Ph.D., Rector of Kozminski University.

So far, almost 6 thousand people have graduated from Kozminski University MBA programs in either Polish or English. We are currently recruiting for the 62nd Executive MBA program, which will start in the spring. Each year, approximately 200 graduates receive an MBA diploma, half of which are participants in the most demanding and longest Executive MBA program. The remainder complete MBA programs dedicated to specific industries ¬ IT, healthcare, HR, engineering, finance, logistics, and digital transformation. The University is constantly creating new MBA programs, developing and adapting curricula to current market needs.

We prepare and develop our MBA programs based on international standards ¬ says Sylwia Hałas-Dej, Ph.D., Director of Kozminski Executive Business School. ¬ We know that study participants have specific expectations related to managerial development, and this knowledge allows us to tailor our programs to their needs. Today, education is becoming an integral part of life, and choosing a good, proven educational program guarantees not only better earnings but above all the ability to make decisions that pay off professionally and privately.

Graduates' opinions:

Łukasz Traczyk: In June 2021, I received my EMBA diploma from Kozminski University, and a few months earlier I started a new management job at Allegro. I had already managed sales in a large, extended organization, but it was only during my MBA studies that I understood the whole business, developed a practical approach to strategy and negotiations. This helped me avoid many conflict situations at work and in life. I got to know myself better through tools describing thinking styles and working on beliefs. I also appreciated the formal knowledge provided by studies, for example in accounting. I used to run my own company, but I often did not understand the approach of accounting departments. Now I understand and appreciate the work of all departments, which contributes to the common success. And I even find time to advise others and share my knowledge. From my studies, I also gained valuable contacts with program participants and lecturers.

Agata Rajchert-Makolądra: I decided to pursue an MBA during my two-year stay in China. It was the time when I redefined my career goals and path of my development. I was convinced to choose Executive MBA at ALK by the recommendations of graduates and reputation of the university, confirmed by the results of world rankings. The strongest point of the program is the people: inspiring lecturers, a group of fantastic students ExMBA57, thanks to whom the two years of study were an unforgettable experience. During my studies I took up one of the most demanding positions in Procter& Gamble, being responsible, among others, for the implementation of one of the biggest product innovations in recent years.

Kozminski University actively supports relations between MBA graduates. The Alumni Club organizes social and educational events, joint trips, and holiday meetings several times a year. More information about the ranking HERE (in Polish). More information about our MBA programs HERE. More information about the Financial Times rankings HERE.  

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