Kozminski University placed 2nd and 3rd in the CFA Research Challenge in Poland & the Balitc Region!


It is with great pleasure that we inform our community about the success of our Finance & Accounting, and Big Data Science students during the CFA Research Challenge in Poland and in the Baltic Region.

Both Kozminski University teams made it to the podium taking 2nd and 3rd place in this level of the competition. The 2nd Team advanced to the sub-regional finals and their video presentation will be assessed and until March 31st we will know if our team made it to the Regional EMEA Semi-Finals. We keep our fingers crossed! More information about the competition HERE.

The KU Teams: 2nd place - Kozminski University (advanced to sub-regional finals):

  • Wiktoria Gawrońska
  • Julia Hixson
  • Jędrzej Madler
  • Kajetan Osicki
  • Bartłomiej Witwicki

supported by:

  • Mariusz Słowikowski, CFA, Deloitte - industry mentor
  • Marek Panfil, Ph.D., Kozminski University Department of Finance - faculty advisor

3rd place - Kozminski University:

  • Zofia Łagunionek
  • Adam Stępniak
  • Mateusz Kaczmarski
  • Marceli Praga
  • Łukasz Pruba

supported by:

  • Michał Szemraj, CFA, Pekao - industry mentor
  • Piotr Adamczyk, CFA, Kozminski University Department of Finance -  faculty advisor

We keep our fingers crossed for our team in the sub-regional finals of the CFA Research Challenge! More information on our programs: Master in Finance & Accounting Master in Big Data Science

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