Kozminski University is happy to announce the partnership with Standard Chartered Bank for Master in Big Data Science Program!


In an exciting development, Kozminski University has teamed up with Standard Chartered Bank to enhance its Master in Big Data Science Program. This partnership aims to offer students an enriching and practical educational experience in the field of Big Data Science.

As a part of the agreement, Standard Chartered Bank has committed to delegating its employees to conduct specific practical classes with Kozminski University students, which will be particularly focused on specialized subjects within the program. Furthermore, the partnership includes Standard Chartered Bank providing support to students in the execution of their business projects within the Big Data Science Program. During the course of these projects, the partner organization will ensure that students receive mentorship from their employees. The Mentors will assist students in various aspects, including project milestone achievement, substantive guidance throughout the project duration, and even the opportunity to engage in research activities to prepare their master's theses. In addition to these commitments, Standard Chartered Bank has expressed its willingness, based on its discretion and capacity, to contribute to the teaching and learning process within the Big Data Science Program, further enriching the academic experience for students.

"This partnership offers a tremendous opportunity for our students to gain invaluable practical experience and mentorship from experts in the field. We are truly excited about the possibilities this partnership holds and the doors it will open for our students in the world of Big Data Science." – stated Prof. Aneta Hryckiewicz-Gontarczyk, the Program Leader.

Aforementioned cooperation is set to be effective for the academic year 2023/2024, and it represents an exciting opportunity for students of Kozminski University's Master in Big Data Science Program to gain real-world insights and practical experience in this rapidly evolving field. With this collaboration, our University continues its commitment to providing top-notch education with a strong focus on real-world applicability.

Kozminski University looks forward to the positive impact of this partnership on the development and future careers of its Big Data Science students!

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