Kozminski University #1 in the "Business Education" category of the "My Company Polska" Trustworthy Brands of 2021 study.


Entrepreneurs and managers trust Kozminski University the most!

The "My Company Polska" magazine has announced the results of the "Trustworthy Brands of 2021" study. Kozminski University is the winner in the category of education. In this year's edition you can find prestigious companies like: Santander Leasing, Hewlett-Packard, Microsoft, Volkswagen, Orange, and many more globally recognized brands.

"My Company Polska" has been conducting the survey for 6 years through the Kantar market research institute. Every year the interwievers ask 20 thousand entrepreneurs, managerial staff representatives and company presidents which brands they trust. In this year's edition respondents indicated brands in 25 categories.

Especially in times of crisis the level of trust should be examined and indicated - says Grzegorz Sadowski, the Editor in Chief of "My Company Polska", the fastest developing Polish business magazine.

The Trustworthy Brand title is awarded on the basis of spontaneously completed surveys in which the respondents indicate a given brand based on their preferences, knowledge and experience. This makes the Trustworthy Brand survey the best indicator of whose products and services are most often chosen by entrepreneurs.

There is no greater satisfaction and reason to be happy in the work of an academic teacher when the outcomes of his/her efforts are well appreciated by others. This is how I received the news about Kozminski University's first place in the ranking of trustworthy brands of 2021. We were appreciated by employers, i.e. the harshest jury, which review the effects of education and the preparation of future employees to enter the job market on a daily basis - said Professor Grzegorz Mazurek, Rector of Kozminski University during the final gala and announcement of the survey results.

Kozminski University topped the list of brands trustworthy in education. Another educational institution on the list received four times less support from entrepreneurs and managers. To a large extent, this is due to our graduates whose work, ethical attitude, professionalism, entrepreneurship, commitment and good interpersonal relations translate into a good reputation of the University.

Link to the full "Trustworthy Brands of 2021" list (in Polish).

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