Finance and Accounting with ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) Reaccreditation


Kozminski University has received reaccreditation from ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) for its Finance and Accounting programs, including both Bachelor's and Master's studies in Polish, as well as the Bachelor in Finance and Accounting program in English. Thanks to this accreditation, students at the university have the opportunity to receive exemptions from certain ACCA exams during their studies, significantly accelerating their path to ACCA membership.

Kozminski University is one of the few universities in Poland to have obtained full ACCA accreditation. As stated by Malgorzata Kucharczyk, Coordinator of Professional Accounting Accreditations at Kozminski University, this accreditation allows graduates of the Finance and Accounting program to gain exemptions from certain ACCA exams, enabling them to kickstart their professional ACCA qualification process and become members of this prestigious international organization that brings together professionals in finance, accounting, and management in over 178 countries worldwide.

This ACCA accreditation brings several benefits to Finance and Accounting students at Kozminski University, both in Polish and English-language programs. Every graduate of an accredited program who completes their studies between 2026 and 2030 will be eligible for exemptions from selected exams if they decide to pursue ACCA certification in competency areas recognized by ACCA. This applies to at least four exam areas: business and technology, management accounting, financial accounting, and corporate and business law.

ACCA accreditation is only awarded to universities whose programs and exams meet the high standards set by the organization, emphasized by Professor Jacek Tomkiewicz, Dean of the College of Finance and Economics. Individuals attending ACCA-accredited undergraduate and graduate programs have a unique opportunity to attain their qualifications more quickly, saving not only time but also resources.

ACCA accreditation is a significant asset for finance-related study programs. The certifying organization has a history of over 100 years and currently boasts over 200,000 members and nearly 500,000 students from around the world. Its mission includes shaping future leaders in the world of finance, sharing specialized knowledge, promoting high professional, ethical, and managerial standards, and supporting the public interest.


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