CFA Institute's ESG Certificate for Master in Finance and Accounting Program at Kozminski University


Kozminski University is proud to announce that students enrolled in its Financial Times-ranked Master in Finance and Accounting program can now earn the CFA Institute's Certificate in ESG Investing. This prestigious integration places Kozminski University among the first universities worldwide to offer this certification, showcasing our commitment to providing cutting-edge education in sustainable finance. What You'll Learn  Upon completion of this certificate, you will gain knowledge in the following areas: 

  • Context for different approaches to responsible investment and specifically, consideration of environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors. 
  • Underlying issues that constitute factors within each of the environmental, social and governance areas. 
  • Broader sustainability context and global initiatives. 
  • The ESG market: relevance, size, scope, key drivers and challenges, and risks and opportunities. 
  • Environmental factors, systemic relationships, material impacts, megatrends and approaches to environmental analysis at country, sector and company levels. 
  • Social factors, systemic relationships, material impacts and approaches to social analysis at country, sector and company levels. 
  • Governance factors, key characteristics, main models and material impacts. 
  • Engagement and stewardship. 
  • ESG analysis, valuation and integration. 
  • Ability to analyze how ESG factors may affect industry and company performance, and security valuation across a range of asset classes. 
  • ESG integrated portfolio construction and management. 
  • Application of various of approaches to ESG analysis and integration across a range of asset classes. 
  • Investment mandates, portfolio analytics and client reporting. 

Job Opportunities  There are many career paths available to individuals who earn the Certificate in ESG Investing, whether you want to find a new role in sustainability or become the in-house ESG expert at your current organization. 

What are some ESG career paths? 

  • ESG analyst 
  • Sustainability manager 
  • ESG specialist 
  • ESG product manager 
  • Head of ESG 
  • Chief Sustainability Officer 

The Certificate in ESG Investing is a short, self-study program that delivers new skills and mindsets required in the finance industry. It is designed to be completed alongside degree programs or shortly thereafter, providing a practical and achievable way for students to specialize in ESG. 

The university's degree programs will now feature comprehensive content, reflecting the increasing demand for sustainability knowledge in the finance industry. Students will have the opportunity to pursue the CFA Institute's Certificate in ESG Investing, equipping them with cutting-edge skills and strategies. Kozminski University will gain recognition for featuring ESG topics in its programs and access to exclusive learning resources and promotional materials from the CFA Institute. The affiliation enhances students' employability by providing them with relevant qualifications that are highly valued by employers in the finance sector. 

The agreement brings a lot of benefits for the Kozminski Community; for example, our students will gain access to the latest ESG curriculum and resources will support faculty in teaching and students in learning the essential aspects of sustainable finance; also, The ESG Certificate offers a pathway for students to specialize in a rapidly growing area of finance, enhancing their career prospects and demonstrating their expertise to potential employers.   

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