Apply to the XVI Edition of The TOP 15 Program for the best Kozminski University Students!


The TOP 15 Program is a prestigious and unique scientific program, created exclusively at KU for outstanding students. It is intended for candidates who not only achieve the highest grades in the course of their studies, but who also display a genuine passion for research and creative thinking. Every member of this program works under the supervision of a tutor (KU faculty member) chosen by the student. The Top 15 program creates a great opportunity for the students to get direct and ongoing contact with the tutor, who is the expert in the selected discipline, and to study the topic of his or her interest in a professional and deeply individualized way.  

Who can participate in the TOP 15 Program? 

TOP 15 is open to 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th year students at Kozminski University, regardless of the field and mode of study. Every year a maximum of 15 students is selected for the program. Candidates should demonstrate curiosity for research, self-reliance, and self-discipline as these are the characteristics required for scientific work.  

What are the advantages of participation in the TOP 15 Program?  

Participation in the program TOP 15 combines a number of benefits:

  • Know-how - TOP 15 allows you to get a unique know-how associated with the realization of research the projects. This is extremely useful knowledge both in business practice and in the scientific work.
  •  Work with a mentor - participation in the program gives you the opportunity to develop your research competences under supervision of a mentor.
  • Own scientific publication - prepared under the Program TOP 15 papers, which will be positively assessed by independent reviewers, will be published in special, prestigious scientific booklets.
  • Establishing new contacts - participation in the program will allow participants: to get to know each other, exchange experiences and cooperation during workshop specially designed for the needs of participants.
  • Points for the scholarship - program participants will have the opportunity to gain extra points for a scholarship.
  • The prestige - participation in a unique Polish-scale project.


How to apply?  

  • If you think that the program is for you, simply fill out the application form.
  • Applications for the XVI edition of the TOP 15 Program will be accepted until 27th May 2024.
  • The completed application form should be sent via e-mail to:

What's next? 

  • Those, whose applications receive the highest number of points awarded by the Committee, will be qualified for the participation in the program. Next the student starts cooperation with his tutor (chosen individually from research staff of KU) to conduct the research project and prepare the article. The article should be prepared within 9 months. The text of the article (in English or Polish) is reviewed by a professor. After introduction of necessary corrections and final approval of the article is published. TOP 15 Program participants will take part in workshops on how to write a scientific article.
  • TOP 15 program members who manage to publish their work in the journal of the TOP 15, will become the members of the elite TOP 15 Club.
  • TOP 15 program members who manage to publish their work in the Top 15 booklets the TOP 15, will receive the title of his Ambassador and become members of the elite Club TOP 15.
  • The largest polish newspapers wrote about the program and it's participants in the past and it proves that the program is well known among the most opinion forming societies in the country.
  • Here is the events chain for The TOP 15 Program Participants: Application form-> Review of the applications by the Committee -> Decision of acceptance -> Preparation and realization of the research project -> Preparation of the article -> Review of the text -> PUBLICATION!

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