The innovative project for KU law students - virtual reality crime scene examination.


Kozminski University has created an educational virtual reality project for future lawyers. With special VR goggles, students will carry out the examination of a crime scene. This is the first such project in Poland.

Imagine a prosecutor. He enters a spacious room. Carefully raises a chessboard figure. Opens a drawer. Then he sees a dead man with a gun in his hand and a gunshot wound in his head. Now, the prosecutor walks into the study, opens a safe. Has he done any mistakes yet?

This is going to be assessed by a lecturer at Kozminski University in the class of forensics. The truth is, that the thing has not really happened, though it could. The man conducting the examination of the crime scene is a student. Kozminski University has created a special game which uses virtual reality. Students put on the VR goggles and they have to act as if they were already experts in the field of forensic science.

- The student is in a virtual room. He has to collect the evidence, to determine the nature of the event. In the case of a murder, you have to answer the question of who the perpetrator was - explains the author of the screenplay of the virtual project, prof. Monika Całkiewicz, who has years of prosecutorial experience in observing the work of forensic technicians.

- The student should feel as if he participated in the real examination. We have created two crime scene rooms so far, but this is just the beginning. The project will be developed, we will add new elements, new evidence and scenarios. In the future, we intend to use VR also to teach other subjects - says Daria Kowalska, Head of Marketing Office at Kozminski University and the project initiator. 

The VR technology is constantly developing. It is used to entertain and to teach, but has not been associated with the university teaching of law before. The  virtual reality examination used in the program of legal studies at Kozminski University is the first such initiative in Poland. It has been co-created and developed by Kozminski University graduates and the authors are already developing new scenarios. The game will be available to buy by other institutions. Will the future professional criminologists come from the virtual world?

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