The first joint degree of Ph.D. of economic sciences in the discipline of management from Kozminski University and ESCP Europe! Our strategic partnership resulted with a PH.D title for Ms. Florence Feldmann.


On October 13, 2016, Ms. Florence Feldmann received the degree of Ph.D. of economic sciences in the discipline of management, defending her doctoral thesis entitled: "A new taxonomy of retailers strategies of internationalization based on metaphors; the case of international retailers in Poland".

This event was even more special, since it was the first in the history of our University joint supervision of doctoral thesis (co-tutelle) carried out by Kozminski University and ESCP Europe.

The supervisors were: the promoter prof. Andrzej K. Kozminski, the co-promoter prof. Franck Bournois, Ph.D. from ESCP Europe.


Prof. Jean Francois Lemoine, Ph.D - Université Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne
Prof. dr. Marian Gorynia - Poznan University of Economics
The Defense Committee:

Prof. dr hab. Dorota Dobija – the chair of the Comittee

Prof. dr Jean-Francois-Lemoine – the reviewer

Prof. dr hab. Marian Gorynia - the reviewer

Prof. dr hab. Andrzej K. Koźmiński - the promoter

Prof. dr Franck Bournois - the co-promoter

Prof. dr Michael Haenlein

Prof. dr hab. Lechosław Garbarski

Dr hab. Monika Golonka

Dr hab. Grzegorz Mazurek

Dr hab. Czeslaw Szmidt

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