Students of Master programs: Finance & Accounting, Big Data Science, Applied Global Economics and will have the possibility to learn from MobLab platform. The platform offers interactive games, which support abilities, like strategic thinking.


Didactical experiments with MobLab

MobLab interactive games support students in order to practise and perfect decision-making, strategic thinking and business abilities. The tool is possible to use during work in groups, as well as individually, e.g. while doing homework. After completing the task, students are able to formulate statements, based on the data generated on their own. Students do not only learn from the books about the classic experiments’ result, but they learn from their own experience. Then, they are able to see, to what extent the theory from books describes their individual decisions or group’s behaviour as they are a part of it. The effectiveness of didactical experiments in a learning process is proved by numerous publications, which comes from higher involvement, interest, understanding and memorization.

Placement of science in the context of real task enables the holistic view on discussed material. It improves its memorization, as well as enables students to easily see the practical aspect of discussed theory. Games available on the platform are very helpful during learning the economy and other social sciences, placing decision-makers behaviour in the focus of attention.

The main MobLab' advantages for students:

  • studying by immersion in a game
  • building interactions with other students
  • tool is easily accessible: it works in web browser on computers as well as in the smartphone application

Programs’ where students will use MobLab:

MobLab is a company established by the employees of The California Institute of Technology (Caltech). They specialize in educational technology. The company claims that education is the most effective, because it involves and enables to purchase knowledge by discovering and experimenting. Since entering the market in 2011, company offers interactive games – classical ones (prisoner’s dilemma, ultimatum game, dictator game, trust game or the public goods game) as well as many others.

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