Research seminar with the Big Data Club, discussing the work of Paweł Szerszen, PhD.


The Big Data Club and the Economic Institute of Empirical Analysis led by Prof. Aneta Hryckiewicz
would like to invite you for a research seminar discussing the work of Paweł Szerszen, PhD.

For many years, we have been thinking that more data is always better for our estimations or forecasts or just for simple analyses. This claim has especially become popular, recently, in the world dominated by "big data", where everyone is crazy about possessing as much information as possible. However, the recent evidence by Pawel Szerszen, PhD sheds a new light on big data: researchers prove that even with limited data we can get highly precise estimations, however, what accounts more is the quality of the data. The evidence is novel and shows that potentially "big data" should not be such a fancy word as it is now.

When? 16 May 2019 at 5:00 PM
Where? Kozminski University, Jagiellonska 57, 03-301 Warsaw, Senat Hall (D/202)
The event is free of charge. The language of the seminar is English.
Registration: Please confirm your participation to Prof. Aneta Hryckiewicz:

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