Our University has received a re-accreditation by EQUIS for the next 5 years. The presence among less than 200 universities in the world, which can place the accreditation mark next to their logo, is a positive distinction and a reason to be proud.


However, the EQUIS accreditation also plays an important role in organizing the way a university is managed, its values and strategy.

EQUIS accreditation is a coherent system of equation to the best universities and educational programs in the field of management and administration. It involves adapting the university to the requirements described by the accrediting institution. In case of EQUIS this institution is EFMD - European Foundation for Management Development.

First, the university carries out self-assessment and introduces necessary organizational changes, and then it is reviewed by the accreditation committee, which is composed of rectors and deans of already accredited universities.

- The review of the university by its partners, ¬ and, at the same time, by its competitors in many fields, is an expression of well understood “coopetition” when we learn from each other and, at the same time, we try to distinguish ourselves positively in order to attract the best students and employees - explains Prof. Grzegorz Mazurek, Rector of our University.

Accreditation requirements change from time to time, which makes business schools develop and set trends. Apart from standards related to the measurement of educational effectiveness or scientific achievements, there are also requirements related to sustainable development, diversity and internationalization of lecturers and students, ecology, impact on the environment, etc.

- It has been 21 years since our university obtained the EQUIS accreditation for the first time. We have maintained it continuously throughout all this time and today we feel as a full participant of the world elite of business schools. We have three most important international accreditations, we are present in "FT" rankings of the best universities and business programs. We wouldn't be here if we didn’t obtain the first EQUIS accreditation in 1999, thanks to which we learned how to manage a business university well, how to monitor educational results and scientific achievements, how to cooperate with business environment, with international academic community, with local community and how to take care of graduates' fate. We are grateful to EFMD for building a democratic system of motivation and quality improvement, in which every university can find itself, if it wants to be equal to the best - said Prof. Grzegorz Mazurek.

Among 102 European universities accredited by EQUIS 7 are from Central and Eastern Europe: Kozminski University, Faculty of Management of the University of Warsaw, Corvinus University of Budapest, University of Economics in Prague, Faculty of Economics of the University of Ljubljana, Skolkovo Moscow and Faculty of Management of St. Petersburg University.

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