On the 10th anniversary of obtaining, for the first time, the international AMBA accreditation for our MBA studies, Kozminski University has received its extension for the next 5 years.


The international organization of the Association of MBA's, based in London, conducts periodic audits of MBA programs taught at member universities. On this basis, it grants them the AMBA accreditation recognized as the most prestigious in this field or does not grant such accreditation if the program does not meet the highest standards. AMBA accreditation is obtained for a maximum of 5 years. Only 2% of the best business universities from 70 countries obtained this accreditation. Among them is Kozminski University.

- All the MBA programs of Kozminski University are of our own design. 29 years ago, we established the first Executive MBA in Poland. Since then, their program has evolved towards the needs of the modern labor market, but it is still continuously created by our professors and lecturers - says prof. Witold Bielecki, Rector of KU, one of the founders and first lecturers of MBA studies in Poland.

Over time, the MBA program in Kozminski evolved towards decision-making games, HR, and internet marketing. Today, its "hard" financial and strategic part is balanced by the "soft" elements of management: economic psychology, ethics, personal development, and especially the attitude towards developing talents of team members.

Kozminski University conducts several MBA programs. The best known is the Executive MBA for the managerial staff. The most internationalized program is the EuroMBA implemented by a consortium of 6 European universities in a distance learning system.

Students emphasize that the attractiveness of the MBA studies at Kozminski is demonstrated by several things. The AMBA accreditation is one of them. Equally important is the high position of the Executive MBA in the Financial Times ranking, which recently placed Koźmiński at 17th place in Europe. Another argument is the internationalization of the university, which helps graduates to develop their careers in global corporations, also outside of Poland. MBA students also benefit from the strategic cooperation between KU and the oldest European business school ESCP Europe, which enables them to have a part of their classes at ESCP's campus in Berlin.

Many people decide to enroll for an MBA program in Kozminski based on the recommendations of friends who pay attention to the relationship of the graduates with the university. Several times a year, the university organizes meetings or free lectures for graduates and once a year also a reunion of MBA graduates in a conference and recreation center. In each reunion, which combines substantive activities with networking, more than one hundred graduates participate. The Rector and lecturers are always in attendance. 

- Such a way of working with graduates is unique Poland. Nobody cares for graduates like Kozminski does - admits one of the graduates of the MBA program.

- The MBA diploma of our university already has 5000 graduates. Soon, the 55th edition of the Exceutive MBA program will begin, which is still very popular, probably because we mainly work on Polish case studies from our own database, we use gamification and virtualization to make the classes appealing and modern. Students also highly value the competences and personality of lecturers and the fact that they are usually well-known persons from their respective fields- says Sylwia Hałas-Dej, Director of the Kozminski Executive Business School Director.

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