Kozminski University takes the first place in the national ranking in Poland for the 18th time in a row!


We are proud to announce that for the 18th time in a row Kozminski University has been the leader of the national ranking of non-public academic HEIs by Perspektywy. 

Moreover, Kozminski University took 15th place in the ranking of all HEIs, including those non-public and public universities in Poland and it moved up in the overall classification from 23rd place. Our Uni was placed 2nd among all economic universities in Poland!

Ranking of universities is not just a tool that - wisely used - can help secondary school graduates and their parents in the educational choices. Ranking is also a compendium of knowledge about the current state of Polish higher education - a panoramic photo taken here and now, of our universities and their ambitions with a different, but coincidentally selected perspectives.

Perspektywy University Ranking is recognized not only in the Polish academic environment, but it is also highly appreciated abroad. The multiplicity of criteria groups, their composition, the percentage weights effort to use as many "hard" data are unique. And more and more they are often used as a source of inspiration in the creation of the national rankings in other countries.

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