Kozminski University in the TOP 3 Polish economic universities, and for 20 consecutive years the best non-public university according to the 2019 "Perspektywy" ranking


- It is hard to say that this is a surprising result, because we have already managed to get used to the first place, but we also have the ambition to be the best economic university. We had the first place in this category a year ago, but this year we gave it to the University of Economics in Poznań - Prof. Witold Bielecki, the Rector of KU commenting the results of the ranking.

There are no surprises in the 20th "Perspektywy" ranking. It seems that the academic world is quite conservative, and is not subject to rapid change, especially regarding the leaders in educating. The University of Warsaw (currently ranked first with a score of 100) and the Jagiellonian University (second and 99.2 points) are mostly changing between the 1st ans 2nd place. The following universities (the third onebeing the Warsaw University of Technology with 80.1 points) have at least a 20 or more point gap from the leaders, therefore there is little to no chance that they will top the current leaders in the foreseeable future.

The same applies to the ranking of economic universities. The TOP 3 - Poznań University of Economics, Warsaw School of Economics and Kozminski University - have been maintaining their medal positions for a long time (although in different configurations).

The "Perspektywy" ranking includes all Polish higher education institutions
(with the exception of art schools) authorized to confer the academic Ph.D. degree and with at least 200 full-time students. In the assessment of individual universities, the following factors are taken into account: prestige, graduate careers, innovativeness, scientific potential, scientific effectiveness, conditions of education and internationalization.

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