Introducing brand new Master Programs! The Master in Compliance & Crime Prevention in Business, and Master in Applied Global Economics! Both programs have been created in a way to meet the increasing demand for specialists on the job market.


Students of the Master in Compliance & Crime Prevention program will focus on workshops where they will solve tasks based on case studies. The development of practical skills will also be supported by computer classes, during which students will practice creating models supporting the analytical and decision-making processes. These classes will be held in the newly established Bloomberg Laboratory.

The experience gained by the program leaders during the implementation of international projects for the creation of AML and risk management operation cells allowed the content and forms of education to be arranged in such a way as to allow the admission of candidates who are planning a career in the financial departments of various enterprises.

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The Master in Applied Global Economics program combines theoretical knowledge and practical professional skills, which together constitute a set of tools for a modern economist. The program is conducted in an innovative, comprehensive, and example-based way that makes learning a truly practical experience. ALK lecturers put emphasis on interaction between students, therefore classes are often conducted in the form of workshops and group work.

Intensive training in theory and econometrics will be conducted by practitioners, so that students will gain a deep understanding of modern economics and its geopolitical context.
Students of the Master in Applied Global Economics will have a wide range of subjects to choose from, allowing them to focus on the areas of economics of their interest.

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