French Ambassador Pierre Lévy gave a lecture on the impact of Poland and France on the convergence phenomenon in the European Union, and then met with students from Kozminski University, including a large number of French students.


Ambassador Lévy recalled the three stages in the creation of the European Union to which the following slogan can be symbolically attributed: no more war, and the return of democracy and globalization. This last stage, globalization, is taking place in parallel with the emergence of a social model based on a common European identity. These processes overlap with two megatrends with different vectors. The first one is free-liberal, with freedom of expression and unrestricted flow of information through the Internet, which results in globalization, and the other - conservative - in a return to classic conflicts resulting from geopolitics, religious and historical conditions, emphasizing the crisis of Western civilization, which results in populism.

Ambassador Lévy also mentioned the stratification of 21st century societies made up of people from anywhere, usually open to the world, and people from specific places, with a strongly rooted identity connected to origin. Another metaphor that Pierre Lévy used in relation to societies that have benefited from globalization is their division into disappointed losers and frustrated winners. The former have gained nothing from globalization, maybe even lost something, while the latter, although they are its beneficiaries, are not entirely satisfied with the pace of change and its effects.

Asked by students about Russia's position in the unifying Europe, the French ambassador said,
that there will be no question of security on our continent without Russia or against Russia,
It is a nuclear power and it is good that Russia is a member of the UN Security Council. Russia cannot be ignored, and that is why France is maintaining its troops in the Baltic countries.

During his stay in KU, Pierre Lévy also stressed the good relations of our university with French universities, especially with our strategic partner ESCP Europe, which he graduated from.
KU, together with French universities, run several double degree programs. Persons with high average grades, qualified for these programs a part of their studies at a French partner university and as a result they obtain
two diplomas. Kozminski University participates in the latest EU educational project
and together with ESCP, is striving for the position of a European university.

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