Coordinators of the Financial & Accounting program are organizing a series of webinars aimed at answering the questions of the prospective students regarding the contents of the Program.


The first date (Central-European Time) of the webinar is June 8th, 2017, 4:00 pm.

To join the web-conference please send a request to and you will receive a link to access the meeting.

Share it with everyone interested in starting Finance and Accounting degree at Kozminski University. Feel free to join and ask questions!

The following people will take part in the webinar:

  • dr Mieczysław Grudziński, Ph.D., the coordinator of the program
  • dr Błażej Podgórski, Ph.D., the coordinator and alumnus of the program
  • Karolina Skorulska, a lecturer and alumnus of the program
  • Monika Grabek - a special guest from the CFA Institute

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